"That's a cool card"

“That’s a cool card” the server said. Then he asked all about Monzo.

I’m at Bluestone Lane in DC. A brilliant little coffee shop. Anyway, he was very impressed by the fee-free foreign transactions and asked me how he could sign up. I told him it was UK-only at the moment.

Monzo, the US needs you :slight_smile::us:


Oh, for sure.

I was in LA for 6 weeks last Dec/Jan, follower by Vegas for a month in April/May to open our office there, with a week in Minneapolis in the middle.

I had comments like that more often than not. And me being me, of course told all of them all about us. The culture in the US in general I think is way more conversational than here, so shop assistants, servers, waiting staff etc will take any opportunity to start a conversation, and it turns out our card is a perfect conversation starter!


And Monzo needs the US. :wink:

I think is being worked on - :soon: (but probably not in 2019). :pensive:

:us: :mondo: :hot_coral_heart:


Oh yeah, definitely more conversational in the US.

I had only one comment on the card though while I was in SF, at a Blaze Pizza (I couldn’t find the card reader… turned out it was a magstripe reader on the side of the customer facing display)…

But it did start a short conversation.

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I would love us to launch in the US sooner rather than later. It could be that 2019 is ambitious, but… You never know. What I do know is that we have some incredibly smart people whose job it is to figure that out! :raised_hands:


Meanwhile, at the Kwik Fit in Eccles, I got “that’s a bit fookin bright innit?”

I think the sentiment was the same, though.


My local convenience store owner keeps telling me it’s a cool card and marvelling over it!

Although it might an excuse for him to hold my card a bit longer to memorise my card details :joy::man_shrugging:


I was in B&Q last weekend and the sales assistant at the till said “you’re not going to lose that card are you” :slight_smile:


I’ve had that too :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve found many more people in the US will comment on the card, though that’s definitely down to the more talkative/outgoing nature of service industry staff in the US. You could definitely help speed up the process of improving card payment acceptance in the US.

US sales assistants definitely are more chatty. And I get quite a few questions about my card here.

@simonb I’d be happy to come back here during the US launch to spend (Monzo’s) money on my card in order to start conversations :wink:

I’m in NC at the moment and at least once a week people praise the colour of the card! :slight_smile:

Is there anything to stop another bank or credit card company copying the colour of the card?

Not sure :thinking:

I do think it would be silly though, because of how widespread monzo is, I reckon people would look at it and still assume monzo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Keeping your own brand unique instead of copying exactly what another company has done is pretty important :joy:


That depends if Monzo have copyrighted the colour (like easyJet attempted). http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/3555398.stm

It would probably be a good idea for Monzo to attempt to copyright their Pantone (or if Hot Coral is just a CMYK colour, then copyright that).

I wonder if the phrase ‘Hot Coral’ is even copyrighted.

Yup lots here https://trademarks.ipo.gov.uk/ipo-tmowner/page/search?id=597127&domain=1


Wonder how Starling can use the term coin jar when Monzo have it trademarked? Sure I saw it on a screen shot the other day

Also, HSBC Savings Pots…

Maybe adding the word “savings” modifies it? Or maybe they’re betting Monzo won’t sue?

There’s probably lots of clauses about when you can and can’t use those terms

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