🇹🇭 Monzo in Thailand [Discussion]

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I have been to Thailand many times (probably about 13) now every time I have use a cash point it has charged me, but I think this is normal as I have a few friends who are Thai and some that are English and live in Thailand and they also seem to get changed even with Thai cards

Just thought to let people know that I don’t think it’s the fact that we are using English cards. I think it’s just the banks being money grabbing :slight_smile:



or banks recuperating installation, maintenance and repair costs plus the interchange fees between banks


No when I use my Thai cards for payment I dont have a card fee… Merchants sometimes impose a card fee on top of prices, to avoid paying the card fees themselves. But basic card use isnt charged.

ATM use outside of my ‘home’ province or bank has a 20b fee.

All non Thai cards have a 200b ATM use fee applied.

(Robert Gamble) #16

Recently returned from Pattaya in Thailand , a bit of information for travellers to Thailand .
Monzo worked seamlessly , instant updates as in U.K. used the card in several different Bank ATM’s .
First experience was at K-Bank (Kasikorn ) worked fine , but I made the mistake of accepting the atm exchange rate , DO NOT DO THIS !! Press the continue without conversion button ! I made the same transaction , 10000 Baht , pressed the continue without conversion and there was about £20 difference. Used at TMB, no issues , did have a problem at Krungsri bank atm and my transaction was cancelled , but I think this may be because I was close to my card limit .
NOTE : There was a charge at all Machines for 220 Baht , £4_50 ,
I managed to top up the Monzo card , while over there ,with registered debit card , without any issues.same process click top-up and off you go .
Monzo exchange rates were better than local exchange Bureau rates .
Great product and now after the initial concerns , Monzo will be my go to travel cash card !!

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Just back from Chiang Mai and Bangkok. All banks I used cost 220 thb to withdraw. Happy to say though Chiang mai lots of places accept MasterCard. Seems to a push for it.

I agree don’t accept the exchange rates Monzo is always better.

(Duncan) #18

Update July 2017
ALL arms in Thailand now charge 250thb service charge (a prob £5.20) for using a foreign card. No exceptions. Example: you ask to withdraw 1000thb. Machine will notify you of the charge. Your transaction will be billed at 1250 then withdrawn. This is the greedy Thai banks not Monzo. This is a service fee not exchange fee. Most arms will ask you if you want to use the dynamic exchange rate. DON’T. This rate is set by the atm owner and is typically 3% less than monzo. Remember that this is in addition to the 250thb charge. Unfortunately Thai banks are hammering tourists and expat like me. Some arms will now decline your transaction if you select no to the dynamic conversion. If this happens, go to another banks atm. Unfortunately, more and more arms are doing this. It doesn’t matter what card you use. My advice is take plenty of cash with you and avoid arms. No fees if you use your card in shops, but again make sure you are charged in thb and not sterling. Some shops point of sale machines are set to home currency by default rather than local currency.

Won't be using Monzo abroad again due to ATM charges

Transferwise straight into my Bangkok Bank current account still the best option for me at the mo…

Getting the same or sometime even better exchange rate than the local exchange shops this way, and less worry of carrying cash.

(Sukhraj Singh Bal) #20

Hi all

So what is the best recommendation here using the card or getting the cash? We are traveling to thailand at the end of july, then to indonesia and malaysia. As the exchange rate is so large, I’m looking to get myself the Monzo card.

Just wanted some advice
Thanks :smile:

(Wan Amirul) #21

If you’re going to Malaysia, just find an ATM immediately after entering Malaysia. There is at least one or two Maybank ATMs at KL International Airport for every terminal within the airside zone. It does not charge for withdrawals using Monzo, hence 0%. There’s a catch though: Be careful of the DCC offered on the ATM screen!

For more info on Monzo in Malaysia, you can have a look here: 🇲🇾 Monzo in Malaysia [Wiki]

(Sukhraj Singh Bal) #22

So when buying using monzo card I ask to pay on local currency right?

(Marta) #23

Yes, you should try to pay with local currency it as much as you can. DCC can also be applied when buying things in shops/restaurants. After you request to pay in local currency, you should always check amount and acronym for currency on the screen, when you’re entering your pin.


As @Avishai said, this can also appear on POS terminals as well as ATM, so always check currency and amount when entering the PIN

(Duncan) #25

Yes. Actually this is what is supposed to happen if you are not asked. The
problem is that not all Thai people speak English. They just assume that
you want to use your own currency and some p.o.s. machines are set like
this by the provider. Just say Thai baht when you hand over your card and
check the receipt before you sign.


I haven’t tried it myself yet, but I’m seeing recent Citibank ATM reviews which say they are no longer free.


Just arrived in Thailand. I tried to withdraw 20k BAHT from an ATM but it was declined. I then requested 10k which was successful. I thought we could withdraw more. Is this the Monzo card or the ATM?


I withdrew 10k BAHTva couple of hours ago from an ATM and was charged 220 BAHT. Can’t remember the ATM but it was blue. I can find out later if anyone’s interested.

(Louise Cheesman) #29

My card is not working in ATMs in Thailand! I’ve tried 3 different ones and I’m out of money so I’m in trouble! I have paid on card ok at a restaurant. ATMs just say transaction error or communication error.

I have selected it as a credit card when it asks, is this Correct? Or should I be saying current account?

Please help,



Do you need to enable the magstripe? (The app has a switch)

(Louise Cheesman) #31

I did try it on am ATM that had chip and pin enabled but I can try this. I get given the option to withdraw from savings account, current account or credit card.


( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #32

Pre paid card ? - have you reached your limits on ATM withdrawals - on iPhone - ‘card’ - ‘settings’ - ‘spending and top up limits’