TestFlight Release Discussion

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The lag certainly seems better, but still there if I run through all my pots and accounts straight after force closing the app, then when I go back through then the other way it does seem fixed, but the initial lag is still there.


+1 on this.

Initial lag after closing the app. After that it’s fine

Edit: I am force closing a lot in the hope the new pot features switch on :crossed_fingers:t3:


Exactly the same.

But yeah maybe a bit better.

Also idk if this is the exact same but but I get lots of lag going onto the overview screen of all your accounts/pots (idk what that’s officially called?).

All the release notes have been talking about lag swiping between feeds but there’s lots of lag for me going into that overview screen, clicking into stuff from there, just generally all over the app whilst in the Home tab.

Payments and plus tabs don’t seem to have lag once there.

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I’m pretty much getting it after force close, then swiping from my joint account (shown first) to my first pot. After that it seems absolutely fine.

iPhone XS, iOS 14.5, TestFlight 3.79.1

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Throw some feedback through the TestFlight application & let the team know it’s not fully sorted yet! :frowning:


Considerable improvement although I didnt really have lag issues before on my X. If I spammed the app as soon as it opened by going around the pots fast it would lag hard but its a lot more responsive now.
One thing I notice is my main account (first on open) to my bill pot which is second I see the left to pay items rearrange a bit each time I select that pot regardless of how long the app has been running.
I am still on the old pre feed/manage changes.

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I also have an iPhone X and tend to agree with you.

I wasn’t that bothered by lag before but noticed it occasionally, I think going back to ever since the new design was first launched.

Now it seems better than it was and perfectly serviceable, but the odd lag is still there when you go looking for it - like deliberately scrolling very fast. It’s one of those things that you don’t really notice until you look for it, then you can’t unsee it!



Fingers crossed this fixes the lag issues and comes to the App Store Monday/Tuesday :slightly_smiling_face:.

Im on the latest App Store version not TestFlight (last release coming up to 2 weeks ago now), and it seemed to be when the new tabs appeared for me that the app slowed to a crawl. It frequently completely freezes for a few seconds, and I’ve had a fair few crashes too.

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Weird crash when scrolling through connected cards on the latest version

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I have this


Custom date range is good. Seems like something that should always have been available, but good to finally get it.

Open banking income checking is interesting.