TestFlight Release Discussion

Doesn’t look like it, though it might be a hidden section unless you have an actual notification come in, but my home tab looks the same - might be feature flagged


Well they still not add every 4 weeks to the scheduled payment screen for pots :wink:

As using TestFlight latest version account tab has again moved back to showing pots vertically as of now?

New TestFlight release today disabled the Face ID and auto logs you in and you need to set it back up is this standard?

It didn’t for me.

Happens to me every now and again. Can never work out if it’s me or Monzo

Version 2.49.0


I wonder what’s been done to Apple Pay behind the scenes.

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Would be nice to know what has actually been changed instead of things like 'If you notice anything" Notice what, what am I looking for???

This is a TestFlight version after all and if something has been changed then is it not for us to try it out and see if it works or not?


To be fair, for the Apple Pay stuff it could have just been some code refactoring, so nothing should have changed but mistakes could be made.

I agree with you in general though - would love to know more about what’s changed even if it just says “code refactoring” in brackets.



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New nav rollout (I reckon)


And bill pots to follow


IBAN release?

New Nav is all ready out on test flight, so pointless as coming soon? :wink:

Again bill pots already out on TestFlight and via labs so why add it to coming soon on TestFlight ? :wink:

The TestFlight release notes are often the notes that will be included with the public release version.

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