TestFlight Release Discussion

Refactoring is always a party


Just don’t do it drunk, or sober. There’s a nice in between.


I think you just opened it to early, I see test notes.


I want my notes and I wants them now!

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Delete Your Monzo?! :scream:

What’s a Monzo code?

:soon: and :eyes:


Maybe they’re adding in a Customer service code, like Starling has for when you call them?

Or maybe it’s a code to authenticate against online banking, for authorisations?

I think it’s just badly worded.

They have removed the code for the Your Monzo feature.


I should probably know this, but what is/was Your Monzo?

If I remember correctly it was a page where you could unlock achievements by doing different things with your accout e.g. having your salary paid in and using the switching service to move an account you held elsewhere into monzo


I think the Your Year in Monzo thing has been renamed in my head for some reason.

Edit: oh wait yeah what @StuartL said


I’m confused. Where is the new custom categories “home”?

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Echoing the comment above, has anyone found this home for custom categories?

Was there always an “Edit” button in the top right of the “Choose category” screen (i.e., when you go to change it on a transaction)?

With test notes. Do we think the team are trolling this thread by doing no test notes initially and then updating it?

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Or I’ve just got a very bad WiFi connection (but I’m at home so should be ok).

Ps Mine has updated now.

Mine originally said no notes and then I went back in and had updated.