TestFlight Release Discussion

What does that even mean though?

Somebody must have complained that things didn’t add up?

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The free deposit you get with plus I guess


That’d be my guess…

Additionally, this doesn’t fix the crash notification you get. Just before other people jump in & ask. :slight_smile:

Is there a total number of cash deposits? What is that used for?!

I think it’s more about how much you can deposit in total, and the free one was probably not counting towards the total cash deposit limit.

For counting the total number…idk

I did one cash deposit when they were introduced to test and that’s it

I’ve not done any yet :eyes: I have very little cash in general though! :stuck_out_tongue:

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That wouldn’t be the total number, that would be total value

Maybe it’s like bills where sometimes the number of times a DD was paid is 1 off

Bring back ‘no release notes’

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It has done for me! Monzo no longer crashes on iOS 14 on my iPhone XS

Weird. Are you on the latest beta? Developer, or public?

Latest public beta of iOS 14. Latest TestFlight (today’s)

I don’t get the crash message, BUT if I change tab (help or payments tab for instance), close monzo and reopen. It reopens on the home tab. So maybe it is still crashing but not saying anything?

Maybe they’ve disabled the crash message on the latest TestFlight?

Nah, still get the crash message. It’s a core thing, not sure it’s something they can turn off.

I’m getting it on the latest TF + the latest Developer Beta, but I think the Dev & Public ones are the same…

Will just have to wait & see :grin:

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The help screen has now changed on iOS following the Android change where the Monzo help icon that appeared has now gone.

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That’s right - it’s generated by iOS so they can’t turn it off. Even if you have switched off diagnostic and usage reporting, the phone still logs these things so they can be sent to Apple if and when you turn it back on.

Spoke too soon. App just crashed when swiping through pots. App version 3.48.0 on iOS 13.7

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Turns out I wasn’t on the latest public beta of iOS 14 :man_facepalming:t3:. Just installed it and now no crashes at all on TestFlight 3.49. App remains on a different tab, with no startup screen, once closed and reopened after a period of time.

You may have been at the time! Apple dropped a new beta around 7 hours ago, which was after your last comment!

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Ahh I thought I was a couple of days behind… that might explain it!


How far back are peoples transactions going? Mine only go back to 13th June, so sent/received/spent are all broken and useless at the moment