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Hi @robinb - are notes for bill splits on your radar? I’ve raised this quite a lot in the past but it would be good to add a note to a bill split request as it isn’t always clear what I am requesting the money for!

This is staying on iOS! Agree that it’s a useful thing to refer back to, I’ll raise the omission on Android with the team :+1:


:wave: Would you be able to elaborate on what you mean by notes for bill splits? In what situations is this useful, beyond what we currently offer which is that the transaction you’re bill splitting is always visible.

Not to jump in on someone else’s request but if I’ve hit bill split on an Amazon order, it would be useful to include the item name in a note that is shown to the other user too.

I don’t have a business account but I would have thought this kind of feature would be useful for them too.

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Yeah as per post directly above mine, could be helpful with generic retailers like a supermarket or something to say why I’ve split my housemate when they didn’t ask for anything (cus of loo roll / washing up liquid / etc) ?

I’m not dying for it tbh but can see some utility in a few cases where the person may not be with you as at a restaurant/bar.


Thanks for responding! As some others have pointed out, it’s for when I do something like a sainsburys shop that my partner doesn’t know I am doing and then I do a bill split but they have no idea specifically what it is for. I always get whatsapped asking “what is this £4.50 for?” or something like that. I’d like just to be able to include a note when I request the money to say “Stuff for curry” or something like that. It would work with other stuff too where the retailer name isn’t necessarily obvious.

Edited: Also, if the bill split request isn’t dealt with immediately and the person I am splitting with looks at it at a later date they are likely to be even more unsure about what it was for.


Just to reiterate this.

Bill splits for tesco or amazon or things like that can usually lead to “what was that for” from my other half or housemates, better if we could spell it out in a note.


Fantastic !

Keep up the great work.

Same with shared tabs please

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I forgot that the “request” money option allows you to put a note, so it is really just bringing in similar functionality to bill splits as they are just a different way of requesting money. I could do a separate request but I think bill splitting is a more elegant workflow, rather than having loads of ad-hoc requests.



The same as the Android release this week, pending payment requests are now visible under Payments > Share!


And the ability on iOS to add notes to any transaction! Bank transfers and bill splits now both work :pray::pray::pray::pray:

Edit: thank you @robinb!!!
While I can’t wait for custom categories and thus my reason for using notes for tags to mostly vanish, this is great in the meantime.


Anyone else getting double notifications when spending?


Yes I got one earlier telling me twice how much was left in my grocery budget this month

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Does anyone know if monzo Plus will come to testflight version today ?

I doubt it, seems like they skipped TestFlight with the release so probably won’t come to TestFlight until next week.

I’ve reverted back to app store version and will revert back to TestFlight next week


Thank you , i have done this and signed up :smiley:

And suddenly, 3.42 TF is available.

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