TestFlight Release Discussion

I agree , I used to get the text with " last updated however many hours ago" and knew that a payment I had just made wasn’t accounted for and the app was playing up , now you dont know and just have to assume its up to date…why wouldn’t you :slight_smile: …maybe if the spinner is spinning its not up to date would be the logic now ??

Cool, thanks for the detail around this. I fully agree “not knowing where you stand” is a big problem and is actually the reason we’ve made these changes. I do think we are solving this problem, by making sure that if there is a problem with syncing, we always let you know that information. I understand that you haven’t necessarily always been able to trust the balance and feed values in the past, but we have made many improvements here that should mean this doesn’t happen anymore; especially as of 3.39. Please let me know if you do experience a problem though.

I’d also like to clarify that the “Updating…” spinner will only show if updating is taking longer than 2 seconds. The reason is that it’s actually relatively annoying/anxiety-inducing to keep seeing a prominent updating spinner as you navigate around the app. We only want to show it if it’s taking a noticeably long time to update, which we think lies at around 2 seconds. If you don’t see a spinner after doing something, it means your balance & transactions should already be up to date.

So in short, the full reasoning we used to arrive at the current state is as follows:

  • The vast majority of the time the app should already be up to date a split second after doing something (e.g. making a payment).
  • If it’s not up to date, you should start seeing an updating spinner by the time you notice it’s not up to date
  • If the update fails, you should see an error prompt telling you when the last successful update was, and the ability to retry the update.

Seriously so handy! Thanks for fixing

Can we have the same on Android? We just have a long list :slightly_frowning_face:


Not an iOS thing, but the last two or three releases I have found the Android beta app to be very CPU and battery intensive on first logging in - the app gets super “laggy” for a noticeable period of time and it really chewed through my battery %

(I have been switching every day or two between my phone and Chromebook during this lockdown period, so logging in more often than normal, making it noticeable)


3.40.0 (647)

Edit: beat me to it @Dunsford!

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THANK YOU! I’ve been banging on about this issue for ages. So glad it is fixed. Just need the ability to add notes to bill splits and then I’m happy :heart_eyes:

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Nice feature and everyone is a winner


Nothing seems to have changed from yesterday

Must be a quick fix for something

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We’ve merged a fix for this and notes on monzo payments and bank transfers will (hopefully) be available in 3.41



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How can I sign up for TestFlight releases? Would like to offer help/feedback.

I believe you have to use the in app chat and request to be added to the list of allowed users and then you can download the testflight version o the app

God no, don’t contact support

If that doesn’t work just search test flight link on the forum and see what comes up


Ahh my bad.

Pretty sure thats how i joined the testflight whitelist many moons ago.

That’s great news!

Will the iOS “transfer details” section be kept and brought to Android?

Currently, on Android, the reference is put into the notes section. I think it makes sense to keep the original transaction reference in case it’s needed:


You don’t know how happy this makes me! Thanks so much for taking care of all these ‘little’ things. :grin:

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Yes yes yes and yes :raised_hands:t3: