TestFlight Release Discussion

No TestFlight this week…

Could this mean something fun coming next week? or just no bugs to squash

The Apple gods are just keeping us waiting maybe


I can’t see any spinny animations

If it’s not Chip doing a pirouette I’m going to be very disappointed


Me neither, updates the same as usual

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I can only assume it is a server side switch to turn that on at full release of this version!

Having just played around with the public version and the TestFlight version, in fact it seems like the animations, especially when swiping down from the summary to go to the accounts overview, swapping between personal and business account, or swiping across different pots, are not as smooth as the public release from last week.

Although of course it could just be me…

Mines been doing the spinny update thing for at least the last week. It says “updating” with a spinning wheel right at the top of the screen


I think the notes refer to the balance changing when you there is a transaction and your balance changes. The digits of your balance spin.


Yeah I’ve noticed mine doing that too!

Yet to see this in action :thinking:

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I think people are very unlikely to be on the feed screen when making transactions so I don’t actually get how people see this

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just been into Sainsburys , made my purchase and left , opened app at home and the account balance rolled like an old fruit machine…very quickly , the last figures… … not sure Im too keen on it …and Im not on TestFlight so presumably has been partially released ??

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I think partially released across TestFlight! :laughing:

I’ve logged out and logged in, force quit the app, had it open when making a transaction etc There is no animation to any numbers whatsoever for me. I just get the usual “Updating” on the right hand side.

I am running the latest TestFlight too.

Sometimes the Monzo app really does confuse me

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It is on mine; I am not sure how smooth it looks. It seemed to be a bit juddery almost.

Though I am not sure I would have noticed unless I was looking for it

mine is on the left :laughing:

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You mean yours doesn’t do this? Data removed for obvious reasons

I just had it where above the card image where it will usually say “Personal Account” said “Updating” with a spinning circle, then it rolled back to “Personal Account”.

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