Testflight - 1.9.25 Released

New release just out… includes:

  • Statements (rolling out slowly)
  • Direct Debits shifted to payments screen
  • Improvements to:
    – International Keyboards
    – Transferring Money
    – Shiny Stats on International ATM usage in Transaction Screen

Anyone have an example of this they could post?

You still cannot dismiss the pots keyboard for custom amounts. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just scroll down the page & hit save? Do you really need to be able to dismiss it? :eyes:

I have an atm transaction from the weekend in Germany but tbh I have no idea if it’s changed as I rarely use atms abroad…

How do you know you can scroll? How do you know what is under the keyboard?

I’m fine in it not dismissing providing options are not underneath. Otherwise it’s bad UX :man_shrugging:t2:



It’s such a little thing but seeing the golden ticket notification on Payments is rly annoying.


Is there any way that when adding to pots the add to pot button would be accessible without having to scroll down after entering your amount?
As in just making the page compact so there’s no need to scroll.

Surely the idea of TestFlight is we can test it… how can we test statements when it’s “rolling out slowly” at the moment I can’t test it as it’s not there :joy:


This is what my post is referring to. The add button should either be too right or the keyboard should dismiss. Personally I think this is a bug and the keyboard should be dismissing.


A lot of things are server-side enabled.
Somethings have to be slowly rolled out and tested as if they didn’t (for example, 1000’s generated statements all around the same time) it could have a detrimental effect to performance in the backend.

Just curious as to what about transferring money has changed if anyone has figured that out yet?

Agree with this point. The keyboard not disappearing is annoying. I would like to input the amount, then hit the add button in one motion. Fingers crossed that this gets considered in future releases.

Yeah I get that as I’m a developer myself… however I don’t know why TestFlight users aren’t given access now to test it before it’s realsed fully else no one on TestFlight will be able to test it as they don’t have access :thinking:

Ahh well

I took from that part that test flight users will slowly begin to see it. Could be wrong though.

Hmmm maybe :thinking::man_shrugging:t2:

Also improved which I noticed are dynamic fonts seem to work better. I don’t remember seeing so many categories listed in the Spending screen before… or is that because that Recurring Payments bar has gone… now I’m doubting myself…

Oh no…log in bug is back :beetle:

Ah you developers always brining stress to us infrastructure peeps :wink: in fairness it does say it will be rolled out, just have to be patient!

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Another bug spotted
iPhone X
iOS 10.2.5