Tesla Full Self Driving - Short Demos

A collection of video’s have been made here: https://www.reddit.com/r/teslamotors/comments/jftx5l/all_fsd_footage/

This is super exciting to see, even if it never reaches the UK or is allowed

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If Musk wasn’t such an interesting character and if Tesla didn’t have all the quality control issues they do, I might even be interested in one because some of the tech is cool

I just don’t want to be part of what feels like a doped up college kid’s attempt at being in the cool club or have my car’s roof randomly fall off. Imagine Tim Cook pricing the new iPhone at £694.20 just for shits and giggles only for the back to fall off as soon as you take it out of the store

Sorry, everything to do with Elon Musk gets me so wound up :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


All cars lose a bit of value as soon as you drive them off the lot, but point taken and don’t give Apple idea’s.

I feel the same way really. I like Tesla and I think electric cars are a good idea but there is 0 way I’ll ever pay 40k for a car. If Tesla in 10 years time can offer me 7-10k electric car then for sure I might buy one

This simply isn’t true. You of course lose some value but it’s not even close to half.

Same I sold my car and if I got another I would want it to be electric but financially it just isn’t worth it.

It’s not even that financially they’re not worth it.

I wouldn’t be able to charge mine, living in a terraced house with no drive. Unless the council let me dig up the pavement to install a charger in the parking spot I own, it’s not possible. I’m not going to spend hours at a service station refuelling every week.

But if I did go for an electric car, I’d avoid Tesla as long as the CEO remains

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This is what I thought but I was basing that purely on fuel savings, when there are many other things too.

Lmao but Madlad Elon is hilarious.

Those Tesla shorts he sold for $69? Epic.


I’ll be going electric when I’ve passed my test, I’ve no charging space where I live so I’ll be topping up at chargers dotted around, it won’t be hours charging either, more than likely 1 hour a week charging it whilst I go do some shopping and that can get you a range of approx 180 miles, car dependant etc etc though

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“normal” non expensive electric cars <15K can do 200 miles mostly, most charge at home (if possible) or as you stated while shopping, which can normally take an hour anyway

My brother argument for not having an electric car is (the engine sound is part of the experience (he has an RS3)) or ‘not wanting to wait hours’ for it to charge on a long trip - but you stop for things to eat on a long trip don’t you? most of the time you can be fueling your car while eating, so I don’t see the issue


I went on a route planner the other week that factors in the EV you have, the general battery charge you’re starting at and then how low you’re willing to let the battery drop to before charging again. I was looking at a 550 mile trip to my dad’s in the North of Scotland, it basically said I’d need 3 stops to charge back up to 80% which is approx 30 mins, I don’t see that as a bad thing in all honesty as that’s a toilet break at services, bit fresh air and stretch ya legs etc. Further north it be more like sit in the car as it was public car park chargers but even then it’s a break from driving and time to relax a bit and enjoy what’s going on around you.

There’s a lot of people who say they couldn’t wait around to charge but then when you ask them how far they drive every week it ends up working out they don’t leave the local area and wouldn’t even need to charge it daily.

Longer journeys just need a tiny bit more planning, but luckily apps available that show you chargers on route and what state they’re currently in, working or not.

Give it a couple more years and they’ll be even more chargers about as some routes don’t have a massive influx of them as a just in case ones not working situation but in the round they’re fully viable.

It’s already getting to the point where they’re saying it will take 15 mins to get to 80% full in the not so distant future so again cuts down on the breaks even further to a quick wee and a coffee :sweat_smile:


Personally I would love to be able to own a fully self driving car as I currently can’t and will not be able to drive due to a disability, so it gives me the freedom I otherwise don’t have. If I have to wait an hour at the services, or charge it every 2-3 weeks at a charger, so be it.

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Also meant to add in regards to breaks people complaining about a charge time of 30 mins to 1 hour should put it into perspective.

A trucker has to have a 45 min rest break once they hit 4.5 hours of driving, so in an EV depending what you have that’s around the kind of top limit of driving you might find yourself getting out of one.

Everyone’s in too much of a rush these days


I’m not convinced that even in the next 30 years anyone will be able to have one without having a license, but who knows governments sometimes surprise you

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This is my exact issue. If I want to get somewhere I want to get there fast. Even if I stop to eat it’s usually shove a sandwich in and go, I’m not going to sit at a service station waiting for the car to charge whilst consuming a Michelin-star 10 course tasting menu


The way the charging technology is going, folk are going to have to finding increasing tortured arguments against electric cars

I trust they’ll find a way though!

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I have nothing against electric cars, in fact I would love one. I would, if I could refuel in under 10 minutes on the go.

As things stand, I don’t have access to a charging point at home, at the shops I visit or at the parking area where I used to park when I commuted.

When charging within 10 minutes is reasonable and accessible to everyone (my nearest fast charging point is over 30 miles away), I am sure they’ll see more widespread adoption. At the moment they’re a luxury for the better off


Things should get interesting once hydrogen gets more mainstream, suspect that’s at least another 10 years out yet though, there’s been a couple of recent breakthroughs with the storage aspect of it in cars which just need to be upscaled out of a lab.

Pretty much be like a normal ICE vehicle then and there’s none of this but I have to wait for a battery to charge argument as filling a tank is just a couple of minutes.

Edit sorry I’ve just realised we’ve totally hijacked this post an all 🤦

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