Tell me when my details have been compromised / found on the dark web

I had an alert from ClearScore earlier telling me that some personal details were on the dark web. I think I had to pay to see the details…

Anyway… could Monzo integrate with someone like haveibeenpwned to let me know if my details (especially the phone number and email address linked to my Monzo account) have been compromised? An API is available

Sounds fishy to me, even if it is genuine. Anything on haveibeenpwned is probably on the dark net so pointless to have to pay. Looks like ClearScore are playing on fears.

Like the integration idea. Seems simple enough.

I think haveibeenpwned is great. I already sign up to their email alerts (and also hide my email from appearing in their searches) but I think it’s something a lot of people should be exposed to and informed about.

I like the idea, but haveibeenpwned is limited with regards to their data. There are other (not free though) services which provide access to even more data that’s been leaked, including your credit card numbers, which I would think would be a little more relevant to Monzo’s role. Some password manages already plug into these though, assuming you store your card details with them, and it’s quite the competitive landscape.

I’m not sure why I’d want to use Monzo for service this, and not my password manager.


There is a risk of association by a minority that Monzo was the cause of the leak. I think that these sort of things are best left to the specialists.