Telephone number exists

It’s shows that my phone already at system . I cannot remember that I had account
What she’ll I do?

You need to contact Monzo.

If you previously had an account then they could reactivate the old account or not. You cannot sign up for a second account. Monzo will know as they would have your details.

If you didn’t have an account before (you have a recycled mobile number, for example) they could assist with removing that number so you can register.

Monzo’s email is but you may need to wait a few days for a response.

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What are you trying to do?

Are you wanting to sign up or sign in to your account?

If you started signing up before but never completed the application, that could be another reason why the phone number is already in the system.

Other theoretical possibility, if your phone number is new to you, is that your network has reused an old number and the previous holder had a Monzo account.

Whatever the reason, @Chapuys’s advice is the only way you can try and proceed - email Monzo at the address given.

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