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What I’m not sure on iOS is whether if backed up as part of a full phone iCloud backup is that encrypted? I generally don’t use the WhatsApp restore process and just have WhatsApp backed up as part of the phone/ restored as part of a full phone restore.

iCloud Backups are not encrypted

Backups to a computer are optionally encrypted.

Yes they are.

It’s encrypted, but only certain things are end-to-end encrypted.
For most things, Apple has a “key”.

Some good info here:

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As the post below yours says, Apple has the key so it’s as good as not being encrypted. Anytime Apple is asked for the data they happily provide this.

This isn’t a viable or secure option imo.

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Depends on your threat model. To say it’s as good as not being encrypted is blatant hyperbolic misinformation, and to folks who don’t understand, fearmongering.

iCloud backups are encrypted. The data is secure. For most people, in a libertarian society, that’s good enough. End to end would always be better though.

For things you require to remain end to end, turn them off. I have iMessages in iCloud turned on, for instance, because they’re end to end even whilst stored on the server. Only my devices can read them. But iMessage is turned off within iCloud backups, as this backs up the decrypted messages, so they’re no longer end to end.


Thanks. Yes thinking this is what you need to do for WhatsApp if you want to keep and to end in the new system.

When changing phones is iMessage in the cloud but not on iCloud backup seemless? Does it rely on one device being online or if you lost all devices would it still be ok? What about text messages - assume these are lost?

It’s fairly seamless yes, but not instant. It can take a while for your device to download the messages and decrypt them.

The messages are stored, end-to-end encrypted, in icloud. Your new device downloads those encrypted messages, and your device key then decrypts them.

Text messages work too, though naturally, those are not end to end encrypted. It’s not a secure communication protocol.

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Cheers. Yes on texts it is more whether they are stored or lost. Not that it matters. Have very few useful text conversations. Mainly office 365 authorisation codes……