TED Talks

What are some of your favourite TED Talks?

I saw this not long after The Force Awakens first came out and thought it was great - but I have to say, I haven’t watched too many TED talks so I’m looking to get inspired! Hit me with some recommendations, folks :grinning:

A great talk on how it’s okay to be an introvert…


Rodney Mullen on Skateboarding and getting back up again. I also found it really interesting how he talked about being elevated by those around you.

TEDxGlasgow was on at the start of the month and sadly I wasn’t able to go but the videos have gone online and some really insightful content

Enjoyed so far:

I’ve been showing this off a lot internally at Monzo recently, so I thought I’d share here too!

The idea of ‘public shaming’ and trial-by-Twitter is really fascinating to me. We’re seeing people’s lives ruined on an almost weekly basis now, for stuff they’ve put up on their own social media accounts without thinking. Sometimes the reaction is fair - but often it’s not. And that’s a scary thought!

(His book on this is also a must-read. It dives even deeper into the repercussions for the people on the receiving end of this, which can be pretty harrowing. No I am not paid by Jon Ronson :stuck_out_tongue:)


This reminds me of this terrible news story the other day. So sad - and a big reminder of the real world impact of our digital selves.

I’ve read all of Jon Ronson’s books - he’s great!