Ted Lasso talk (Apple TV)

Ok the spoiler tags aren’t working so I’m trying again!

I thought Jamie’s Dad was actually in prison

I might be being too optimisic here, but am I the only one that thinks this might not be the end? I know all signs point to it but I mean, that cliffhanger seemed a little too obvious.

Just keeping everything crossed that there’s 1 more :crossed_fingers:t2:

One way they could go with it, and I think I’ve picked up on moments, reactions, and facial expressions from Michelle towards Ted’s growth as a person through therapy that suggests there’s a possibility of a rekindling spark there. That could potentially open the door to moving his family to England.

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As sad as I will be that it’s over I also sort of want them to wrap it out. I really hate it when popular shows are kept on life support just to milk it for views/cash

I don’t think we’re there yet though. There’s so many more characters stories they could bring to to the forefront in the same way they have with Sam and Colin.

I can see your point, but I think its got 1 or 2 more seasons in it.


But it’s Ted Lasso and not Richmond FC. Ted and the main characters’ overall arcs are mostly there now. I say it’s better to end on a high than to keep milking it and end up with a Good Place


Has any show with a character name in the title ever been successful after the titled character left?

Taggart? The named lead didnt leave I guess though, the actor died.

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They could just make a spin off called that if they really wanted to I guess.

I think I’d really enjoy a few spin offs of this, if it does it well in a Better Caul Sall kind of way.


Have you even been watching?! It’s AFC Richmond!


I don’t know shit about football (neither do I care!) so FC or AFC or XC or whatever is all the same to me, plus it’s just referred to as Richmond in the show mostly everywhere.


Neither do I! But they include the AFC prefix often enough in the show that it’s stuck for me!

So it happened :cry: An amazing episode, it really was full circle for the show.
I think we’ve seen the last of Ted Lasso but not the end of the show…

Surely this sets up a spin off?


What a good spot

Great ending to a great show.

Now I empathise with Lumalee at the end of the Super Mario Brothers movie.

I’d love for it to continue. They’ve left the door open for that possibility. But if this is the end, I’m satisfied for this to be where it ends.


If there was to be a spin off, do we think it might be called The Richmond Way, as per the book titley?


Shoutout to Trent Crimm wearing a t-shirt with my hometowns name printed on it

Beautiful last episode – and it felt very final with the montage wrapping characters’ arcs up nicely. I don’t see how the current team can have another season, and honestly, I don’t think they should.


Be sure to check the bonus content section folks.

Richmond Till We Die!