Tax residency changes despite not completing tax residency change flow

Issue: If you go to change your tax residency in the app, if you cancel / back out to the flow mid way through, the app will change your tax residency country anyway.

Details to reproduce: Start the flow to change your tax residency, select ‘Not a US resident’, choose country (I chose Poland), then when the app asks for your tax identifier (in this case PESEL) press the back button to return to the page that shows your current tax residency. The page will now specify your tax residency as having changed (in this case to Poland). I also tried changing this back to UK and found the same issue occurs (when you get to the page which asks you to agree to data sharing with HMRC, if you just press back the tax residency will have changed to UK).
Device: iPhone XR
App Version: 4.27.0 #823