(Grant Ritchie ) #223

Please :pray: this would make life so much easier!

(Paul Garner) #224

It would be great to be able to choose your own categories/targets. If I could it would totally replace the of YNAB which allows me to micro manage my budget.


Totally agree with you @LunarGrape . This is an end-goal of mine as well!


an end-goal, ah you mean a target :wink:

(Adam Denby) #227


  1. It’d be fantastic if split payment worked with targets. For example, a group of 4 order dinner for £100. I pay on my card, and I split that transaction 4 ways. The problem is, my target for food spending now has £100 in, when I actually only spent £25. According to Monzo I’ve blown my £79 dinning budget for the month - but actually my statement differs.

  2. Targets have changed my life! I feel incredibly in control of my money for the first time. Keep up the awesome work!

(Thomas Gibson) #228

Is there anything in the pipeline for in the budget alteration tab returning to showing the average monthly spend, rather than what was spent last month? To me the previous way was much more useful!


Or show the average below last months. Average value of the last 6 months or so would be very useful - if it’s of all time, months before people went full monzo would screw up the average.

(Jack) #230

They are always working on improvements so who knows. I guess we will have to wait and see. The more statistics and cool info they can pull out of my usage the better IMO