Target for “Number of Spend Day’s”

No Spends Day targets

A great budgeting tool, used a lot in parts of the MSE forum. Set a target number of No Spend Days in a calendar month and watch the number rise every time you manage a spend-free day.

Oh I like the sound of this. Do you try and do it yourself?

Not sure I follow.

Watch what number rise? Are you saying that for every day I don’t spend, a certain amount would get transferred to a Pot?

I guess just the number of no spending days. I tried it myself, once, in an attempt to reduce spending. It didn’t work for me. I spent the same amount of money, but on fewer days :man_shrugging:

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I guess you could set it up so for each day you dont spend, £X amount is transferred to a savings pot or holiday fund etc.

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Yeah, just wondering what the OP had in mind.

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