Tandem - Fintech Q&A!

(Allie) #62

I think reading that I’m even more glad I cancelled my Tandem card. The doctor bit is really offensive to medicine and science.

For a lot of us meds are what keep us healthy. Modern medicine is amazing and has done so much to keep people healthy. The idea that doctors are paid to keep people on meds and aren’t looking out for their health is really disrespectful. To doctors, to patients, to science and progress.


I got a Tandem card a month ago. The main reason is that I work away a lot for work, so have to pay up front and claim back expenses. My observations so far:

  • Signup was really easy. I did it in the car while waiting for the wife to return some items to a shop.

  • Love the 0% foreign use and the cashback - they were the decider over other products. If they were removed I’d move to another card.

  • I like the notifications for transactions, which I’m accustomed to with Monzo/Starling

  • There are acceptance issues. For example, my local Tesco pay at pump says “card not accepted”. If this becomes too frequent I’ll move products, as I have to be able to rely on my card working.

  • Paper statements. It’s 2018 (almost 2019)! Need I say more?

  • No Google pay. Very frustrating as I pay with watch/phone whenever I can due to having no feeling in one hand and therefore finding fishing out my wallet/card very inconvenient.

  • The App is very rudimentary:

    1. The Highlights screen is pointless. The majority of it is taken up begging me to connect my bank (which I’ll never do). I also have a “welcome to Tandem” highlight, despite having the account over a month. These can’t be dismissed, nor can the default page in the app be changed.
    2. To get to transactions I have to go to the accounts screen and choose my account. Pointless since I have only 1 account. I would like it to default to my transaction list if there is only one account
    3. The transaction list is basic. it shows retailer and amount. No further information is available about transactions (e.g. time/location if it’s a name don’t recognise)
    4. You can’t even make a payment in the app. You have to do a bank transfer to pay off an amount, which is frustrating

I’d be interested in knowing if any of the above are on the roadmap to be addressed. It’s early days, but I’d have to say that in a survey I’d be neither “extremely satisfied”, nor “extremely dissatisfied”. I’d rate the product as average, with more bias towards the legacy. It fails to offer even simple things offered by most products, like in-app payments of the balance. The only nod towards modern Fintech is the instant transaction notifications.

(Colin Robinson) #64

Does sign up still take you out if the app to a web page?

Yes it does :neutral_face:

(Daniel James) #65

@Daesimpso Thanks so much for your detailed feedback, very interesting and helpful to read. I’ll pass it on to the app and card teams.

Paperless will be coming soonest of the things you mention, but most of them (payments in-app/Gpay) are on the roadmap for 2019 as it stands. We’re just finalising planning this week and I hope to be able to share a roadmap with everyone after that. Tesco fuel pumps is a mastercard thing, not us (As far as I understand, there is a workaround that some mastercards use, but it’s not secure enough for us, so we have to wait until Tesco update their software in the pumps to the latest version).

I haven’t seen anyone mention your points 1,2 and 3 before, so I’ll be interested to see what the app teams say about it.

Thanks again.


Can you do a Direct debit from monzo to automatically pay this card off each month?

(Daniel James) #67

Also - are you iOS or Android? Thanks


@DanTandem Does that mean Monzo can also use that api to integrate Tandem credit card spending inti the Monzo app. If that happened, I’d jump straight on board.


And another quick question @DanTandem - I have a Halifax Clarity for unlimited ATM withdrawals abroad. I know Tandem offers the same, so should I switch? And why?

(Daniel James) #71

@GalaxyMergirl - I’m very sorry if I offended you. We’re in no way anti-doctors or anti- medication - and certainly not anti anyone who has to take medication. It was meant to be a point about how institutions are structured financially - so sorry if I phrased it clumsily and it caused you offence.

(Daniel James) #72
  1. They sacked Howard.
  2. Wouldn’t you prefer 0.5% Cashback?
  3. They charge a £12 over limit charge. We don’t because if you go over your limit, we take responsibility for that too.
  4. Both of us charge £12 late fees because the regulators say we have to. But we proactively try to avoid our customers paying this fee with a push notification and grace period (look out for more news on this around the 21st January).
  5. When did Halifax last come into the Monzo forum and answer your questions for you :wink:

(Daniel James) #73

@don_quixote Yes you can. :slight_smile:


I think Howard quit :wink:

The cashback wouldn’t really affect me since all of my non-ATM use is with Monzo.

As soon as I can see Tandem transactions inside the Monzo app, I’m in.

And point number 5 is a very good one. Thanks for being here :slight_smile:


Do you get cash back on online payments or bills?





(Allie) #78

:purple_heart: Thank you, Dan. It’s a sensitive thing as doctors have done so much for me, and for many others.

Here’s some feedback on Tandem that lead to me closing it:

  1. I didn’t like the gendered title bit. I’m transgender and while I had no problem using a title that matched my identity, that was accepted, I just don’t like gendered titles on accounts at all.
  2. Customer service - I get phone anxiety and one of the great things about most Fintechs is you don’t have to actually speak to anyone. Not Tandem, though.
  3. Constant app problems - slowness, random sign-outs, inaccurate data, etc.
  4. No Google Pay - this was definitely the biggest reason.

Hopefully these help!

(Daniel James) #79

Thanks - have passed your comments on to the Android team to look at.




A few months in.

Signed up for the cashback on foreign transactions as I make a £1000/month payment overseas plus any UK spending. The cashback was on the only selling point as I was otherwise happy with my mainstream provider for a non-charge foreign use card.

No interest in Apple pay etc but the paper statements are daft.

A random one. The PIN letter wasn’t obvious from memory I pulled the tab off but couldn’t see anything so scratched and ruined the thing. Its online use only card so not real issue for me. Never had an issue with any other PIN letter.

(Katrina) #82

I got a £1,500 limit. My Amex is £10,500, my Nationwide Select is £4,500, my Santander Zero is £3,900.

It has replaced my Nationwide for UK purchases in shops that don’t accept Amex, which is about £150 per month, and my Santander Zero for foreign purchases, which is about £500 per year, most of it in one month of the year. My Amex expenditure is about £1000 to £1200 per month for regular expenditure plus occasional big purchases, so it wouldn’t be able to replace that.