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I’m sorry @DanTandem, I don’t wish to sound rude, but I just popped over to the Tandem co-founder group and saw none of this posted. Why are you posting things on the forum of another fintech when you can’t even be bothered to post them on the group for people who have invested their time and money to support you for years? I appreciate of course that some, or many even, of the guys posting on this thread are also co-founders, but when co-founders have by all accounts been treated incredibly shoddily by Tandem, and have made a lot of allowances for the fact that the previous financial situation meant that we were effectively pushed to the back of the line to deal with the obviously more important situation of staying in existence, it seems very odd that you wouldn’t even post these things there but do here. There seems to be no attempt to show that Tandem appreciates it’s co-founders other than a piece of black plastic. If you’re not going to use the co-founder group, or create your own community, shut the whole lot down and at least co-founders will know the score. You can direct everyone here perhaps.

Anyway, I hope you don’t take this as rude, I certainly don’t mean to be so, or disrespectful, but I do feel it needed to be said.

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Hi l8n.me -

Thanks for your question, not rude at all. Absolutely delighted to answer any questions you have on the co-founders forum - do you know how to post a question on there?

Meantime, I’ll publish the image of the feature tree in higher resolution on the co-founders’ forum, so you can actually see what it says there.

And feel free to send me a direct message on the normal facebook page so I can look into anything you specifically want answered for you. (facebook.com/tandemmoney)

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Just waiting for permission from my bosses. If not I’ll write up a list when I have a moment.

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Hey, @DanTandem. Did you manage to see this?


So I decided to give them a go, as I like instant notifications and their cashback credit card seems attractive.

I started registering through the app to no availability. Unfortunately, there was a ‘login service error’ displayed right after entering the confirmation code received by SMS. For some reason it kept displaying that message even though I tried several times, and I was not able to register. I let Tandem know via Twitter.

I then tried going through the process on their website. After filling in the details and just after the credit check an error message appeared suggesting to try again later. I tried again and my application was retrieved. I was offered the cashback credit card, with less than half the limit of most of my credit cards. Can’t complain too much though, as I am planning to use it for every day spending which will be well below that limit.

Overall, the process had its issues but in the end I was able to get the application through. Now waiting for the card to see how that works in every day usage.

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I had the opposite issue to be honest! I signed up through their website, sailed through everything got the card at the rate and limit I wanted and popped it to one side.

Text comes through from Tandem apologising for the error, (what error) and a link to click to claim my card. Clicked on it and nothing, card disappeared.

Waited two days for CS to reply. Card reappears and I accept. Their sign up worries me a lot, it seems to be totally broken, however having used Tandem now for a few weeks, first statement on the 22nd, it seems ok. I’ve twinned it with Curve for the extra cashback.


@Codf how was your credit limit? You don’t have to reveal, just say in comparison to your other credit cards.

Those issues seem worrying. They probably need ironing out by the dev team.

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Limit was ok. Low side of what is usually on offer but we were only looking for a general everyday spends and groceries card.

I generally get offers of between 2.5 to 5k. Tandem offered 3.


Ok, makes sense. I’m in similar levels.

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Yes we’ll be adding more banks throughout 2019. We expect Monzo and friends to be available before September 2019.

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Hi there. We’re aware of having had some unusual signup errors over the past week, which is likely the result of the major system upgrade we’ve now completed. Things are up and running normally again now, but I’ll pass on your experience to the team so that they can check if there were any unknown issues. Thanks for letting us know. Enjoy your card when you get it!

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Heads up for anyone who wants to buy from EE using a Tandem card. They don’t recognise the card! :joy:


The suspense is killing me! Who?! Whoooooo?! :joy:

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The answer is probably Tandem… :roll_eyes:

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I blame losing the ability to type on my anger.

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@DanTandem May I ask if there’s any rough time scale on Google Pay support for the cash back card at all?

Thanks :grinning:

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Excellent idea @simonb. Be good to see how the facility evolves. I’d be interested in hearing from Curve.

I’m not suggesting it, but it’d be fascinating to see how competitors might fit in…(it’s either a stupid or a brilliant idea :thinking:).

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curve have their own forum

(Only available in amateur ) #60

So do Freetrade and that was a well received Q&A

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Sure, but I was interested in the idea of opening up discussion across forums such as Monzo has done here. Probably unecessary, but it’d garner interest from those not necessarily keen on being a serial forum-joiner :smirk: