Tandem Feedback

(Patrick) #165

Of course there’s no reason people on low incomes shouldn’t have the same access to protections and services. But there’s still the fact that £500 would be around a weeks wage for an average person in work - but a month’s for a person on that low an income. With a very high interest rate, It would be easier and faster to get into trouble.

If for some reason I only make the minimum payment on a card one month, it doesn’t really matter to me because in all likelihood, if I wanted to, I could pay the whole thing off next payday if I wanted.

If I’m on £500 a month and have a card maxed out with a £500 credit limit. It would be much much harder to pay off. Because out of my £125 a week a much higher proportion is going to be gone. As a person on a low income has the same gas, electricity, water, phone/broadband, TV license, etc bills as a person on an average or higher income living in the same sized space.


Could be someone living at home, someone working part time with a partner working full time, or receiving top up benefits which some companies don’t count as income. Myriad of possibilities. By denying credit you are pushing people to payday or doorstep lenders

(Patrick) #167

Yeah, you’re right. I just think they have to be very careful, that’s all - and there’s nothing to indicate that they are. It’s also a bit wrong that people with lower incomes have the highest interest rates. (Although obviously that’s how all lenders work.)

(Katrina) #168

I’m guessing that won’t go out to existing credit card customers. I’m certainly not the target market for that.

(David Allardice) #169

At last… statements in the app.

Not impressed by Tandem at all but with the cash back and no FX fees it’s still my primary card for non-UK, non-Amex purchases and cash. The proposition won’t survive with customers like me but I’ll take it while it’s available.

(Jake Tame) #170

Waiting from my CC to arrive.

The new iOS update is much snappier than before it seems actually usable now.

I’m moving form Amex as I like a single card. Avios just doesn’t cut it anymore and I want a no-fee card with cashback that I can use at home / abroad with little fuss.

(Grant MacGregor) #172

Used for over a month have no complains.

The only thing that would make me use it as my main finance app is if it allowed for more accounts to be connected.


Have they scrapped in-app chat with this new app? I want to ask them about paperless statements but the help page tells me to phone them and that’s the only option. Is it like godaddy where chat is only an option during their office hours, or have they scrapped a key feature for a retail fintech?

Seems a bit odd if they have scrapped it. If you already have a call centre, how hard is it to have the staff on intercom during the quiet periods?

(Theresa Mays Dance Teacher) #174

Chat option seems to have gone from the app


To be fair whenever I’ve messaged them thinking they’re a fintech they’ve replied telling me to call in during office hours - so what’s the point? Just like having a fintech that doesn’t care for feedback - what’s the point of a community forum?

(Theresa Mays Dance Teacher) #176

I messaged them in app to change the date of my DD, they said no and to call up.

Calling up is so long and you have to do it in private as they want your card number which is stupid and insecure imo


On the topic of tandem being awful… did any of the “co-founders” ever get their promised share in tandem?

I signed up with the cofounder link on the promise of getting a share in the company (in 2016?) and never heard about it ever again.

(Andy) #178

I’m also curious about this.

You are eligible for an exclusive design co founder card but no other benefits have come through.

(Theresa Mays Dance Teacher) #179