Tandem Feedback

(Jack) #145

The only tiny catch is that the 0.5% cashback is paid on transaction multiples of £2. This means that a £1.99 purchase earns nothing and a £7.99 purchase only earns 3p (0.5% of £6).


I don’t make many small transactions on it and losing a penny on each transaction isn’t going to break the bank!

If Tandem ever drag themselves out of the steam age I will happily switch back

(Starling Guru) #147

Lucky I don’t need to change something isn’t it

Oh wait I do need to change something :roll_eyes:


They have longer opening hours on the phone? Isn’t chat cheaper to run? What’s going on?!

(Starling Guru) #149

That’s what I was thinking, surely it’s cheaper to have chat then phone…

(Allie) #150

I closed it. Took a couple tries but it was easy. Just make sure they actually close it your first try.

The product is really pretty bad, to be honest…

(Starling Guru) #151

Ok so I wanted to change my direct debit date, I get a reply 1hr 30 mins later saying that due to the nature of my request I had to phone them up!!

Why even have they chat option there if I have to call them all the time.


I think the chat is only there so they can tell you to call them

(Vic) #153

Ha, finally got my £10 Amazon voucher… took a fair bit of chasing up :joy: