Tandem Discussion & Feedback

(Dan Baker) #125

I set mine up on Thursday. Like @Danny I setup the direct debit on the website and just got the message from Monzo saying it’s setup. Card should be here today or tomorrow.

Does anybody know if it supports Apple Pay, there is no mention of it in the FAQs or the website from what I can see?

(Herp Derp) #126

Not that I can see no and it doesn’t say on the Apple website either

(Vic) #127

No apple yet :frowning:


I am considering Tandem right now, I was just wondering if anyone had closed their account and how hard the process was?
Its more in case its hellish and I really hate it.

(Herp Derp) #129

Got the pin number yesterday on a cute little A4 letter with a 1990 lift off label and the card came today.

I had to call to activate and I had to read the card number, give my name, address and phone number to a human :open_mouth:

The card feels cheap, thin and nasty.

Anyways as no Apple Pay it will rarely get used.

Apologies for the poor quality pics, it’s all it deserves lol


Why does it have old MasterCard logo? :joy:


How long did the whole process take approx @Danny?
I have heard reports of letters to sign being sent first then posted back before they send the card.


(Herp Derp) #132

If you look up a bit you’ll see I posted about joining so basically a few minutes online until today.

No letters, no ID or anything like that was quite quick really.


Thanks, I saw you posted you had signed up 6 days ago, I just was not sure if you meant you joined that day or were saying you had joined a day/week/month earlier.

(Jack) #134

I wonder if they still insist you have paper statements :roll_eyes:.

No way I’m joining to they sort a number of things out. Apple Pay being one…

We need more proper fintech’s doing credit cards.

(Herp Derp) #135

Nah that day :slight_smile:

(Herp Derp) #136

I dunno why I signed up tbh, just wanted to see if I could coz for some reason Barclaycard and Amex etc said no even lol

But yeah Apple Pay

(Katrina) #137

Yes, and paper statements are the only way to find out what your statement balance is, and therefore how much you need to pay them if you don’t want an interest charge. There is no Apple Pay support.

They have the best cashback of any card that isn’t an Amex, and they pay the cashback monthly. You get Mastercard rate for foreign exchange, which is also the best, but some other cards match it. You get instant notifications of transactions, and you can see your current balance including pending transactions. So it is my main card for foreign and non-Amex purchases.

(Jack) #138

Thanks :slight_smile:

(David Allardice) #139

Agree completely. There are a lot of things I don’t like about Tandem, like the paper statements and the crap app, but the combination of cash back and no FX fees means it’s the main card I use outside the UK at places that don’t take Amex.

They can’t be making money on this, so I fully expect the proposition to be revised within the year, but I’ll take advantage while I can.


There is an MBNA card called Horizon that is not published but it also has zero FX and 0.5% cashback although AFAIK not monthly like tandem.

It DOES support apple pay and soon will have Emma support so I’m starting to switch to it for my non Amex and foreign spend.

At the moment you can only get it if invited - I was sent two as they replaced their previous airline/Amex deals with it and I had the United and Virgin cards. I had them combined and now have an extremely impressive credit limit as they added them together!

(Katrina) #141

Is it Visa or Mastercard? The Visa exchange rate is about 0.1% more expensive than Mastercard.


Good question - it’s visa - not too worried about 0.1% though, as the apple pay and emma integration are more important to me.

(Dan Baker) #143

I tried to use it at Tesco’s Pay at Pump, and it got rejected. Messaged support to find out it doesn’t support Tesco’s Pay at Pump?


Aka they have the same issues as the challenger banks like Monzo, Starling, etc but are too lazy to actually solve the problem.