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If I may add to this, that it works only if you are going to dial a landlines from another landline :phone:. This does not apply to calls from a mobile phone :iphone::grin: :wink:


yes the previous post was talking about calling from landlines


As regards omitting the area code (020) within London when dialling landline to landline …

Is this actually still possible?

A few years ago, BT made a change in Brighton where it became necessary to dial the local area code when dialling a local landline number.

I don’t know whether such a requirement has been rolled out to other exchanges / STD areas?


It depends on the exchange. Most 02x exchanges allow local dialing without a code, many 01x exchanges require a code to be dialled. London 020 7xxx and 020 8xxx exchanges still permit local dialing without prefixing the number with the 020 code. But that is why it is VERY annoying when companies say their code is 0207 or 0208 as it is NOT and leads to misinformed consumers misdialling without the 7 or 8 digit that is part of any 8 digit long number, no number is 7 digits long.

(Jolin) #67

Not according to this website, it says that you can call any 020 number from any other 020 number without including the 020:


The same website also shows that Brighton is one of 6 areas in the UK that ran out of numbers and so made dialling the area code compulsory. Everywhere else you can omit the area code when dialling (thanks to @Pipefish for this reference);



That site is wrong. Some 020 3 exchanges are physical and others are virtual numbers, the physical exchanges are dialable without the code from some telephone providers but not others, virtual numbers however normally require dialling in full with the code.


Not the case actually @anon44204028


020 7, 8, and 3 are the same difference and can be called without the area code.

Edit: seen i’m the second one to add this. I would also add that as I mentioned above this only works with landlines.


I repeat it does not work with all 020 numbers. If you are on BT and call between 020 7 and 020 8 then no problem. But calling 020 3 numbers FROM A LANDLINE will depend if they on a physical exchange or a virtual one if you are connected to some telephone providers. Physical 020 3 number rings and virtual 020 3 number coming up with unobtainable tone unless dialed with the code. So as I said before that is the case with 020 7 and 020 8 but not always the case with 020 3.

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Same as Portsmouth and Southampton - 023.

All Southampton numbers start 8 and Portsmouth 9. But the same area code even though they’re miles apart and have several different places with different codes inbetween them.

You can dial Portsmouth from Southampton without the code.

This is a very weird thing to argue about.


No worries. I can’t test it as I use a mobile phone and haven’t used a landline in at least a decade.


The line I am using is a business line (ISDN) so I take your word it is different on residential lines.

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Just got my invite to Tandem - setting up a profile asks for a Title and the only choices are Mr, Mrs, Ms, or Miss!

Not a good start.

(Allie) #75

Thanks for the warning/heads-up. Grrr…

(Colin Robinson) #76

And there are no options to link to :monzo: (as that is now my main account) so I’m not taking it any further at the moment.

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So Tandem seem to have taken down their waitlist, and now their credit card application appears to be open to everyone, although I haven’t had an invitation despite being on the waitlist since October.

When I try to apply, though, I get an error - anybody else have any luck?


PS. you’d think they could have taken down their waitlist page more gracefully…

(Valeri) #78

:joy: :joy: :joy:

Hope they are doing better job with the banking backend and the app…

(Geoff Pascoe) #79

So turns out the error I was getting was because their address picker was formatting my address wrong. When I entered my address manually, it worked fine. So yeah, I have a card on the way, but I’m far from confident in their technology…

(lewis oconnor) #80

Ive been using them for a little while now and I love them. One of the companies I still get excited about with news and updates. Not had a single issue.

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I guess they’re at the beginning of their process. I feel Tandem has been unfairly beset by problems since they were jostling for position with Mondo. I remember being as (more) excited by Tandem than Mondo way back in 2016 with both of their theoretical approaches to banking but I saw Tom and Ricky speak at a fintech event and thought Tom definitely had more vision. Starling was simply a website and Atom was getting all the hot press coverage, but the race started out between these two.

(David Allardice) #82

I’m using the Tandem credit card in NZ at the moment. Got it a couple of days prior to holiday so used it a few times in UK to verify it was working and have been using it in NZ everywhere that doesn’t take Amex (as my Tandem credit limit is pretty low).

No issues so far apart from one remote petrol station who seemed to have a problem with non-NZ cards in general so Tandem didn’t go through with the message “Card not honoured”. Curve worked ok though. Tandem called me later in the day to check that the attempted transaction wasn’t fraudulent and they unfroze my card (I hadn’t tried to use it in the meantime).

So I don’t think the free FX and cash back internationally is sustainable, the app isn’t great (TouchID/FaceID doesn’t work) but I’ll take the benefits while they’re on offer…