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Tandem Instant Saver rate increased to 0.65% today


There’s no mention of a bonus in the email, just says your rate is increasing from 0.4 to 0.65%

Either way, it’s still a depressingly low rate given that it’s market leading!


No bonus included it’s just a generic email to customers saying interest rate gone up

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I misread the footnote in the MSE newsletter, and the bonus mentioned actually applies to another account, not the Tandem one.

I will endeavour to delete my original post.

I appreciate your endeavour, but now I just look like I’m mad :crazy_face:


£395 fee added to each loan amount plus interest rates more than credit cards :exploding_head:

That new logo.

I have no words

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Three words: Starling. Brand. Colours.



And some weird “futuristic” logotype, something you’d come up with if the brief was “imagine what people thought the future would be 10 years ago”

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Looks like whoever designed that has no concept about easy of use to reproduce afterwards.

How many other brands have ‘faded’ colours in the name like this logo? Not very many - because it’s a pain for the graphic designers to reproduce and everytime they need something printed out (professionally - signs, posters, annual reports etc.) it’s a nightmare for the printers to setup.

An old company I worked for actually changed the colours of their logo precisely because of this.

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I actually really liked their old logotype and brand colours. They might’ve thought it’s getting old but I think that sort of colours/shapes is still in – more so than some weird retrofuturistic logo

Okay, I’m hoping this is not a rebrand, just their way of showing they bought Oplo. The Oplo logo uses this font and colourway so unless Tandem decide to adopt their corporate identity I think the Tandem we know is safe (for now)

The infographic on the Oplo site would seem to suggest a rebrand:

Well, that makes it easy then. Been meaning to downsize my savings accounts and it’s been decided which one’s going