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If you have a credit balance on your card (i.e. you’ve accidentally overpaid) every other card I have ever used shows a negative account balance.

As for your available balance it should still show at least your full credit limit in these circumstances

Seems Tandem’s systems have a bug in them/have not been programmed to take account of potential overpayments correctly.

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Yes, you won’t start getting 0% until the 14 March statement is produced.

You could be right, as up until a couple of days ago, the C/C balance was showing as zero and the available balance showing as my credit limit PLUS any amount of overpayment left.
ie £1500 credit limit + £185 overpayment, £1685 available balance
Today it shows C/C balance of zero, but the available credit as £1464.77, exactly the £35.23 I spent at the garage short of the credit limit.
I know that the card was still at least £60 in credit before using it today.

UPDATE, looks like it was a bug.
It’s now showing the +ve balance again :grin: :grin: :grin:

Also got the cancelled email yesterday

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What was the “cancelled email”?

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I also got a text.
The text said that they sent out a letter to inform about the changes (= blocking and closing the account). But with an incorrect date.
Well, this is the end then.

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Has anyone any experience yet on getting refunds from a now-closed Tandem card? I am going to start get refunds for things booked months ago and obviously can’t spend the credit on the card, so just wondered how good they were at getting the money back to you?

I had an issue with them once (it was a while ago), around getting some money back. It took 3 weeks