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So I am confused what tandem is for now.

Membership is only open to the previous cashback card users. Anybody who cancelled, cannot reapply. Mamy have cancelled. New memberships are not offered. The have savings and basic card on offer, but both are niche and similar to other offerings out there.

From the website, there still needs to be a ‘Yet’ on the end of that sentence.

The waiting list is still live so I assume that the aim is still to open our Membership to the wider public.

Hm their FAQ are cryptic too

If I close my account can I re-apply at a later date?
No. Once the account has been closed, Tandem Membership will no longer be available but please bear in mind you do have until 9th March 2020 to make a decision.

Not sure if “no longer be available” is universal, or only specifically to those who tried to quit tandem. Similar answers about the cashback credit card.

I think that was just for us ex-customers.

I suspect they planned to launch it more widely but have put it on hold due to COVID.

Just got an email from Tandem, they’re closing their Journey card in November and from the sound of it aren’t planning on offering credit cards anymore.

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I just received the same message for my Tandem Membership card.

Obviously their decision to introduce Tandem Membership meant that the majority of their customers leaving.

That may have been good for them in terms of paying less cashback but must have left them with a subscale business.

@JMH Are they offering anything else in its place for your £5.99/month?

I see they also reduced the interest rate on their savings account to 1.25% a while back.

@gt94sss2 the email goes on to say this…

You will no longer pay your £5.99 monthly fee and your Tandem savings account interest rate is being lowered from 1.25% AER to 0.50% AER.

Your final £5.99 monthly fee will be charged on your October 2020 statement.

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Wonder what products they will offer?
Seen there looking into offer loans, and potential current accounts.

They have made a number of acquisitions recently, so it does indeed look like they are pivoting towards those products and away from their credit card.

Ah, so they are killing Tandem Membership.

Not a suprise, many predicted that relatively few would be interested in it.

I read somewhere recently that Tandem admitted charging a fee was a mistake. Wish I could remember where I read that.

Full email if anyone wants to see it - for journey credit card


I’ve still got spend on my Tandem card which might be refunded (events rescheduled to next year which might yet be cancelled).

They’ve been pretty efficient about refunds on my cashback card over the last year, but I’m a bit concerned if they will still have the admin to efficiently process refunds after they get out of credit cards altogether - I know they will have to in theory, but it worries me…

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The Journey card was the non-cashback card right?

Are they also closing the £5.99/month membership fee cash-back card?

Read up the thread about 10 posts.

Yes. No more credit card products at all

It depends on how the cards are closed out with MasterCard. If they terminate their agreement with MC, you’ll find merchants won’t be able to make refunds onto the card (they’ll either get an error if processing the refund in real time or the refund will be returned to them) and they’ll have to refund you via another method.

Chase left the Canadian market a few years ago and that’s what eventually happened, I’m sure it was a minor inconvenience but on the other hand they did also write off all the debt on their Marriott and Amazon credit cards about a year after the cards were shutdown.