Tandem Discussion & Feedback

(Patrick) #42

Arrived this morning, pity I have no access to the app and can’t actually use it! They’ve said that there should be an app update today (which was tomorrow when I phoned yesterday), Friday, or at the latest on Monday.

I really like the design - shame about the old MasterCard logo! It also has an orange core!

(Patrick) #43

I phoned to activate it - even though I’m not going to use it yet because it’d be stupid to use it blind with no access to my account - and to set up a direct debit to pay it off (when I eventually do use it).

I also asked if they could reset my verification code (which lasts for 14 days) - so that when the update comes I can log straight on without having to phone up for a new code. He sent the code (via SMS) twice, but I didn’t receive it. In the end I just said that I’d phone back when the app update comes. I’ve noticed that every time they’ve sent me these verification codes, it’s taken at least two attempts before I actually receive the text.

After being very impressed with my first contact - I’m now thinking about it a bit, and after speaking to them another few times - I must say, they are very blasé about the fact that their app is completely broken for a proportion of their users. They’re inviting people to apply, knowing that some of them aren’t going to be able to use the account.

You’d think they’d be right on it and pushing out an update as fast as is humanly possible, apologising all over the place. Considering it seems to be just an on screen button in the app that’s not working - you wouldn’t think it is a huge massive job to fix (although I’m not a developer so I don’t know).

It’s one thing for me that it’s an additional credit card that I don’t need for anything really, I want to get it working but it’s nothing major, I’m testing and playing about with a few fintech/challenger accounts…

But if this was my current account, or an in use card with a balance on it and they were this relaxed about it, I’d be freaking out/closing my account right now. It’s disappointing.

I noticed that one of the people I spoke to said ‘middle of next week’ for the app update to fix this. I was told Monday at the latest the other day. So - I’m not holding my breath at all for this fix on Monday,
I’ll keep the card in my wallet for a few weeks, watch out for app updates, but if nothing happens I’ll just close the account and chuck the card :frowning:

Sad, because as I’ve said before, at the start of all this Tandem was the one I was most excited about (even more than Monzo originally).


Weird. I’m a co-founder and didn’t get one like that


Well…looks like Tandem have a way to go on customer service. Called them yesterday to ask them to stop texting me a zero balance every few days (only got the card for foreign use). Took ten minutes and two people to sort it out. Turned out the first guy didn’t even work for Tandem! Also just tried calling them for a PIN reminder. They don’t work weekends. Wow.

(Patrick) #46

In one sense I realise that they are in the very early stages and not up to scratch yet. But in another I kind of think, if they’re buying out banks (even small ones)…

Also, when I phoned them it was really really noisy in the background. You could hear loads of people chatting and joking with each other. I almost couldn’t hear the guy I was speaking to.


According to Sky News Atlas Merchant Capital is in tentative talks to buy a stake in the digital lender Tandem

(Patrick) #48

Update: There was actually an app update today…

I phoned up to ask them to reset my account/app log-in and send me a new verification code. I got the code on the fifth attempt this time. I put it in, set up the memorable words…

Then pressed the continue button, where I got stuck last time… the screen went blue (as in, the blue from their colour scheme) and stayed blue. However, I received a text saying, ‘we’ve set your cherished questions’ (cherished, wtf?) So I knew it had gone through.

I had to kill the app, but when I restarted it all was working!

Finally in.


Are you sure you want to trust this with your money?

(Patrick) #50

It’s not really my money is it? It’s a credit account. If they offered me a current account right now - I wouldn’t take it.

I see no harm in testing out their credit card though.


Fair enough. But the whole thing looks rushed and incomplete.

(Patrick) #52

Yeah, unless I’m missing something - the app is very sparse indeed.

Just a list of transactions. If you connect an account it shows you all the transactions but all jumbled up. So you don’t now which is from where.

It also doesn’t let you select individual accounts. I had the idea of just having my credit cards (I have 3) in there. But when I connect Nationwide it displays my joint account, joint savings and credit card - you can’t deselect the ones you don’t want to see and I don’t want my joint stuff in there.

I am looking forward to having the instant notifications on the Tandem card though.

I’m wondering if this is another case of iOS v Android. I’d be very interested to see what the iOS version of Tandem is like…


??? What ???

(Patrick) #55

Social media?

It is amusing to think of the imagined stereotypical Harrod’s Bank customer being issued a Tandem card though. With all their semi-informal youth speak.

(Allie) #56

I somehow missed hearing about the Tandem credit card. Does anyone here have it and if so, how do you like it? I’d like one as a backup to my Monzo card but only if the product isn’t super buggy.

Also, I’m going on holiday in a few weeks, how long does their waitlist usually take? If anyone wants to bump me up, my referral link is https://tandem.co.uk/?referralCode=214RX :slight_smile:

P.S. one of my biggest concerns is that they don’t format their phone number right. If they don’t know their area code is 020, not 0203, how can they get other tech right? LOL


Lol a bug bear for me too but then I don’t really see the prefix used correctly anywhere. Most people aren’t even aware that when calling another London number on a landline they can leave the 020 bit out! That said, who uses land lines these days …

(Allie) #58

Wow! I didn’t know that still worked! I thought that type of dialling was eliminated ages ago. Of course, not sure when I’ll next see a landline to try it on :slight_smile:

Thanks for the trivia! I love learning random facts.


Radio 4 (my fave station) gave teens an analogue radio and asked them to tune it in to a specific radio station. None could do it. Knowing you can call without the area code is sadly the same type of knowledge.


The Harrods take over has now been approved.

We should start seeing developments from them at last.

(Patrick) #61

They’re gradually phasing local dialling out. I remember when I was little, nearly everyone you knew was in the same area and you never ever used the area code - unless you were phoning your gran who lived at the other side of the country.


As for Tandem - I have a Tandem card. It works fine, but the app is VERY basic. It’s literally just a list of transactions, plus the aggregator function where you can add other accounts. But they’re just a list of transactions too. (I think there is some budgeting function but I can’t use it as my current account is unsupported).

You can’t even pay off your Tandem card bill through the app. Hopefully it’ll get better now though.


you can only leave out the 020 when dialling from a London number to another London number if it is an 020 7*** **** or 020 8*** **** number but if it is an 020 3*** **** number then you do need to dial the 020 code.