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(Thomas Horne) #309

Tandem was going to be a current account much like what Monzo is now.

I’ve just noticed that the pending payment issue is also affecting one of my autosavings roundups from that time too… :roll_eyes:

(Dan Baker) #310

I messaged support as a large number were being shown as ‘You’ve not been charged for this’, and they said it’s a visual bug, should update within 2/3 days.

But it’s been 2 and no change yet, but now even more are being shown as ‘You’ve not been charged’

(Daniel James) #311

I’ll try to find out what’s been going on with instant notifications for you.

Do tag me if you’re having a problem and I’ll try to get you an answer.

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(Thomas Horne) #312

@DanTandem I’ve a £4.51 payment seems to be duplicated by accident (and marked as pending) in my autosavings account. I called to complain earlier and had my complaint logged, was told it’ll take five days for any acknowledgement and possibly eight week’s for a reply, due to a large volume of app based complaints.

I don’t think anyone is looking into correcting the balance of my autosavings though? I’m a bit unsure if the operator even knew Tandem was app only stating that mobile was taking over and how most people interacted with the bank?

(Grant MacGregor) #313


Could you ask those who operate the Tandem Feedback forum that there are a number of threads/questions that have been left unanswered.

I also find the round-up literature posted to not match that of what your live agents have been taught. Some are saying it’s a percentage, some are saying it’s only rounding up my CC spending. I’ve sat and tried to manually calculate the round-up figure pending and it match (from any method).

(Thomas Horne) #314

On the plus side, the issue with my autosavings has now corrected itself.

On the minus side, six days later my complaint hasn’t been acknowledged and I never even received a confirmation it was logged or any explanation of what went wrong.

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(Daniel James) #315

Hi Grant.

Round-ups is from all linked accounts if you have aggregated, from your nominated account only if that’s all you’ve linked. The FAQs say:

“Round ups will be calculated from transactions across all connected bank accounts and any Tandem credit cards. Money will be collected from your registered debit card once a week.” (FAQs)

Safe to save is a target percentage - but also takes into account your overall financial picture.

Can you let me know where exactly you’ve read any info that doesn’t go with that? Thanks

Also - are you using both rules?

Have done. :slight_smile:

(lewis oconnor) #316

When is Monzo integration likely to happen? Do we have any ETA?
Is it possible to have more features for the autosaver? Like a balance match to your credit card? Rounds it up weekly to same as your credit card balance so you have funds available to pay it off each month

(Daniel James) #317

Hi there. I personally want Monzo integration as soon as possible, but it’s not moving forward at the moment, so it’s not going to be for a while. By September would be my guess, but I’ll ask and see if there’s any concrete plans as yet. Sorry about this - it keeps getting bounced.

Autosavings - we’ll definitely be refining and adding different rules based on feedback. Very much like the idea of round-ups linked to credit card. I’ll pass that on to the Autosavings teams!

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(Grant MacGregor) #318

Is this the same timeline for apps like Emma and YNAB?


Since moving to Monzo for my current account, I wanted to go the same way for my credit card.

Is Tandem the best way to go for this? I just want to be able to view my balance on my phone and get notificiations when I spend on it.

I’m pretty sure Tandem does this but I just wanted some reassurance and maybe some feedback from other Tandem credit card users?

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(Splodf) #320

Yeah Tandem does this. The cashback is quite nice too.

(Dan Baker) #321

Tandem does this. There are also other options like Jaja or AMEX. Each with different benefits etc.

I personally have Tandem and Amex. So I can answer any questions you have.

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I do already have an AMEX but I like to have an everyday kind of credit card so maybe Tandem is the way to go.

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(Dan Baker) #323

I’m extremely happy with my Tandem card. It’s got almost everything I need, and I plan on cancelling my AMEX sometime after I get the cash back I earned from the intro offer.

Once Tandem offers full paperless statements, Monzo aggregation and Apple/Google Pay. I’ll be 100% recommending it to everyone. Whereas currently I only offer it to my ‘nerd’ friends.


Good to know… it’s not a deal breaker for me but you’re saying they don’t support Google Pay at the moment?

(Dan Baker) #325

Not currently. @DanTandem has previously stated that it’s planned for later this year. I think I remember both Apple and Google Pay is planned for roughly ‘summer’.


How do you find the app? How is it with controling monthly spend budgeting etc

(Sendu Bala) #327

Tandem’s app (for the credit card side of things) is basic in the extreme. You get instant notifications, but otherwise it’s just a static list of transactions.

Exactly what you’d expect from a traditional bank’s paper credit card statement from a decade ago. The only difference is it’s visible in the app.

The stored history of monthly statements are just the PDFs of the statements that they printed out to send you.

AFAIK you can’t go paperless, and you can’t pay off your statements any other way than by direct debit.


Yes you can. Transfer to their account with card as ref. I don’t have a DD setup.