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(lewis oconnor) #308

any inside info as to what it was like?

(Thomas Horne) #309

Tandem was going to be a current account much like what Monzo is now.

I’ve just noticed that the pending payment issue is also affecting one of my autosavings roundups from that time too… :roll_eyes:

(Dan Baker) #310

I messaged support as a large number were being shown as ‘You’ve not been charged for this’, and they said it’s a visual bug, should update within 2/3 days.

But it’s been 2 and no change yet, but now even more are being shown as ‘You’ve not been charged’

(Daniel James) #311

I’ll try to find out what’s been going on with instant notifications for you.

Do tag me if you’re having a problem and I’ll try to get you an answer.

(Thomas Horne) #312

@DanTandem I’ve a £4.51 payment seems to be duplicated by accident (and marked as pending) in my autosavings account. I called to complain earlier and had my complaint logged, was told it’ll take five days for any acknowledgement and possibly eight week’s for a reply, due to a large volume of app based complaints.

I don’t think anyone is looking into correcting the balance of my autosavings though? I’m a bit unsure if the operator even knew Tandem was app only stating that mobile was taking over and how most people interacted with the bank?

(Grant MacGregor) #313


Could you ask those who operate the Tandem Feedback forum that there are a number of threads/questions that have been left unanswered.

I also find the round-up literature posted to not match that of what your live agents have been taught. Some are saying it’s a percentage, some are saying it’s only rounding up my CC spending. I’ve sat and tried to manually calculate the round-up figure pending and it match (from any method).

(Thomas Horne) #314

On the plus side, the issue with my autosavings has now corrected itself.

On the minus side, six days later my complaint hasn’t been acknowledged and I never even received a confirmation it was logged or any explanation of what went wrong.

(Daniel James) #315

Hi Grant.

Round-ups is from all linked accounts if you have aggregated, from your nominated account only if that’s all you’ve linked. The FAQs say:

“Round ups will be calculated from transactions across all connected bank accounts and any Tandem credit cards. Money will be collected from your registered debit card once a week.” (FAQs)

Safe to save is a target percentage - but also takes into account your overall financial picture.

Can you let me know where exactly you’ve read any info that doesn’t go with that? Thanks

Also - are you using both rules?

Have done. :slight_smile:

(lewis oconnor) #316

When is Monzo integration likely to happen? Do we have any ETA?
Is it possible to have more features for the autosaver? Like a balance match to your credit card? Rounds it up weekly to same as your credit card balance so you have funds available to pay it off each month