Tandem Discussion & Feedback

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #288

I think that’s immoral, increasing debt automatically by rounding up. It’s different to your own money rounding up in the background.

You’ll have to pay your roundups back the next month anyway, and for the pence you’ll earn in interest, it’s not worth risking missing a payment where the interest you’ll pay Tandem would easily wipe what you’d earn.

(Splodf) #289

It would have to be opt in, without a doubt.

The way we use the card, we would definitely benefit from this as we pay the balance in full shortly after the amount has been spent.

(Daniel James) #290

I think this would be problematic for most people for the reasons others have mentioned - if someone was unable to pay and we’d increased their debt, it would make for a dubious situation for everyone I think.

But we do like the cashback payoff idea…

(Dan Baker) #291

I agree, I wouldn’t be comfortable rounding up on a credit card at all. But the cash back being put into a pot is an interesting idea. But I personally like how it’s paid now, just coming directly off my bill.

Would be nice to have a live count of cash back earned like on American Express Cashback cards.

(Thomas Horne) #292

I second this, it’s clear to see how much I’ve received in cashback this way and works well.

(Adam) #293

I’m new to Tandem as was wondering about the cashback (I couldn’t find this in their FAQs)

Is the cashback paid on the balance at the end of each statement month, or do they calculate it on the total monthly spend (so if I send transfers to pay off the balance ad-hoc, it won’t diminish my cashback)

(lewis oconnor) #294

its calculated on everything spent

(Dan Baker) #295

Paid on the statement date, at the statement day. It will appear as Tandem +£x.00.

If you pay ad-hoc, like I do. You will just be in - figures. Which then will come off the next time. But the app updates instantly, so at your statement day you can easily check how much Cashback you’ve earned.

(Grant MacGregor) #296

Has anyone noticed that their app hasn’t been updating straight away?

(Thomas Horne) #297

Yes, instant notifications are now anything but instant. :frowning:

EDIT: I bought lunch today at around 2pm… it’s taken until just after 9pm to notify me. I also used it to verify my age and remove the content lock on my phone… I’ve still no notification of the £1 payment.

Also most of my payments listed in the app going back to the 21st that are STILL marked as pending!

(Adam) #298

I just got all my notifications for today through

(Thomas Horne) #299

Same, the verification payment of £1 just came through.

(Grant MacGregor) #300

“You’ve not been charged for this” is now appearing for the last few days worth of transactions.

I wish…

(Thomas Horne) #301

Same here, has happened before… Seems Tandem has this issue a lot. :roll_eyes:

Pretty much all transactions from the 21at to the 23rd of Feb.

(Grant MacGregor) #302

The only reason I’m sticking with them is for the cash back. Poor customer service, no instant notifications (now) and lots of glitches.

(Thomas Horne) #303

I’ve been told it looks bad and shortens your credit history if you close your first credit card account; I don’t find the cashback worth it for the hassle anymore.


I’ve never tried Tandem credit card. Out of curiosity, does the app…

Provide rich transaction information (e.g. merchant logos,transaction location, etc)?
Provide the ability to add notes to transactions?

(Grant MacGregor) #305

No to both.

(Katrina) #306

If your second card was opened less than 6 years ago, maybe. But the old card will still show up as “satisfied”, and satisfied loan agreements are good for your credit score.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #307

As someone who went to the Co–founders’ breakfasts at Tandem, when :mondo: Mondo was just a web holding page, what Tandem has ended up with bears absolutely no resemblance to its grand plans.

What a mess.