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Just call them and ask how you can prove your identity. Then prove it, otherwise they won’t talk to you. Leaving this as it is will cause you all sorts of problems in the future.

(Sendu Bala) #270

It would have let you pass the first security question, about your last purchase. That might have been all you had to do actually. It may still help you pass security if you choose to try and sort this out again (after sending in your passport copy).


How long have people waited for the credit card on average?

(Daniel James) #272

Average doesn’t really help you here as there are 2 distinct customer journeys.

  1. Accepted or declined instantly (5 mins to apply, card gets sent if successful and arrives within 3-5 working days). This route has always been pretty good and efficient. Occasional customer has difficulty, but very rare.
  2. ‘Refer’ - when we need more information from the customer. This normally takes 2-3 weeks to get the card, but has occasionally been worse as there was a big backlog at a couple of times.

So the average might be somewhere in the middle, but the speeds are vastly different depending on whether you are accepted straight away, or whether you go through the refer route.

(Daniel James) #273

Hi there. We’re talking on facebook now - I’ve asked you for a couple more details there so I can link you with the account and find out what happened. Just nudging you here in case you’re not on facebook often.

Firstly, sorry that it has been so annoying. From the security perspective, we’re obviously trying to protect your money and your account. But the fact that we’re trying to protect it from you is obviously really frustrating from your perspective.

I think as someone else pointed out here that our customer service team do expect you to be able to access the app and therefore see the last transactions on your account when they are speaking with you to prove security. It’d be interesting to hear why that wasn’t an option for you - in case it’s something that our processes should take into account more.

Again, apologies for what happened - and if you can send over those extra details so I can chase it up, that’d be great. Thanks for your time.


My issue is that I have had no communication from you as to whether you need more info or anything.
I don’t mind waiting but it would be nice to have a little more info


I have tried the facebook route and will see how that goes. But the last time I called, I did pass all normal security (address, DOB, normal phone no. etc) then the further questions came to ‘unlock my ban’ and I failed them. I pleaded with them to help - but nope. The questions were unreasonable, but that was it. Computer says ‘no’.


Didn’t they offer a alternative method of confirming your identity?

With traditional firms you’d be asked to visit a local branch with some ID. I guess the closest alternative would be if Tandem offers to book a video call where they can see you and see your ID.

By the way the additional weird multiple choice questions are from your credit report, it’s a silly way of confirming access, plus some of those questions are not very memorable such as you opened a account with XYZ in 2005, which month was it :upside_down_face:


Hi Dan, thanks for the reply, but I never had the app on my phone.

I don’t use banking on my phone and I don’t remember it being compulsory, so I did not feel the need and it is just an other attack vector, security-wise. Also, since I had a direct debit to clear the entire balance at the end of the month, I thought ‘why worry?’ I was happy I could call if needs be, but the card just was a tool to spend money overseas, and I found it very useful for that in fact. Until there was the issue, of course - which left me a bit stuck and having to use alternative methods of paying, just after I totally cleared the card for the trip.

I am hoping I can verify myself somehow - and no, I don’t go on Facebook much, but I have a company FB account I am using given it seems the only option left open. I am away from tomorrow overseas again, so to be frank I would really prefer someone to get in touch with me on the phone number linked to my account, rather than having to keep an eye on facebook, since (again) I don’t have it on my phone. I used to, but then I found life improved if I did not :wink:

I am really not trying to be a pain, I just want to sort it out. I am totally happy to cancel the card and just forget it, but I would rather not leave things in this kind of odd limbo. I managed to reinstate my direct debit, so as not to fall foul of a possible default on my credit rating by Tandem for some reason. But this leaves me open to having money taken out of my account by Tandem without me having recourse except to the FCA, which for about £60 (which I think was the amount of the fraudulent use) is a lot of hassle. A reasonable, painless solution would surely be better; I can’t do any damage to Tandem since the card is blocked anyway - except complain here - so I don’t see what’s to lose by talking to me.

I appreciate you answering, I hope it helps.


There was no way to discuss any route once I failed the ‘impossible’ questions. And one I am sure was incorrect in the options it offered - since it seemed their info was not up to date. I will happily show ID, but I feel a bit iffy doing it via Facebook, to be honest! Email, maybe… but let’s see, eh?

(Katrina) #279

The application was approved in a few hours and I got the card about three days later.

(Dan Baker) #280

@DanTandem if we’re encountering a small bug, where is it best to report it? I’ve messaged the chat with screenshots - hope that’s the best thing to do.

(Daniel James) #281

Hi Dan. Yes that’s the best thing to do and very helpful for us, thanks!

(Splodf) #282


Just having a look at your new savings account. Looks really cool.

Would it be possible to have the cashback from my credit card spends paid into this account every month? I think that would be an awesome feature!

(Daniel James) #283

Sounds like a good feature to me too - for anyone who is using the cashback card and paying off in full.

How would you expect to find it in the app? As a button you can turn on next to freeze/unfreeze?

What would you call it? Cashforward… :slight_smile:

(Splodf) #284

I think it could be with the savings accounts rules tab which currently contains autosavings and roundups. Probably with a similar on/off switch.

The name…people who have regularly seen my posts will know naming is my greatest weakness. Payback? Kickback? Give Back? I’m not sure - I’ll leave that bit to you!

(Adam) #285

This is something I actually thought the savings account did when I opened one!

I planned to manually pay off the balance in full on the credit card then transfer the cashback from my current account into the savings. If Tandem could put the cashback automatically into my savings account that’d be brilliant!

I guess in terms of UX, like @Codf pointed out, a toggle rule in the savings account settings would be great (alongside the roundups and “safe to save” rules). Maybe something along the lines of “Save your cashback”.

(Grant MacGregor) #286

Would sign up to a savings account if this were possible!

(Splodf) #287


Next question…

Theoretically would it be possible to get roundups on my tandem card? I.e. everytime I spend on the card, it rounds up to the nearest quid and stick it in the savings account.

Would this count as a cash advance?