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(Daniel James) #247

Hi again. If anyone would like to read a bit more in depth about the company culture at Tandem and what it is like to work with us, you can read a medium article I wrote here:

PS I’m still planning to upload a roadmap here to answer some of the questions above. Just getting it into a shareable format.


Hi @DanTandem,

I have received the credit card now and I started using it. It seems good so far.
I do miss Apple Pay and seeing more information for individual transactions, but I guess these will come later.

I only have one comment to make for now.
The letter I received with the card stated ‘Activate it - By calling us[…]’ but the card itself had a sticker suggesting to activate using the app. These are a bit contradicting. The letter should probably suggest to activate using the app which is easier, straightforward and will align with the sticker on the card.

All the best,

(Daniel James) #249

Hi @LegendaryAced - thanks for the feedback. Apple pay is on the list for this year, though not sure when yet - we’re just in the middle of making the big plans for 2019.

Yes- agree this needs to be fixed. However, you would not believe how expensive it is to make a small adjustment to that letter. We work with a supplier to do it and will be updating a number of elements to it in a couple of months. That will definitely be one of them.

Thanks for sharing & welcome on board!

(Andy) #250

This sounds like exactly what is wrong at Tandem and why Monzo do better by doing it all in-house…


…and not on paper.

(lewis oconnor) #252

Anyone using the auto-saver?

(Grant MacGregor) #253

No access for iOS users - would’ve signed up if there were.

(Daniel James) #254

We are bringing it in-house. Just takes time and money! It’s a constant balancing act to get our priorities right, which is why it’s always important to get people’s genuine feedback.

It’s still just available on Android to 50% of users (the Android store let’s us roll it out slowly to fix anything that crops up as we go before the full 100% release).

We’d be very interested to hear detailed feedback and suggestions from any Android users who are using it or who thought about it and then didn’t for some reason.

Do get in touch if you’d be willing to come into the office in Kings Cross and do a user testing session.

Personally, I’d love to be able to hide my own savings balance so I can only look at it once a month. I think this would let me build it up without being tempted to take it out again too soon. And it would be a nice surprise when it had gone up a fair bit, rather than watching it going up bit by bit.

I’d also like to be able to set my intention for my savings at the beginning of the process. (Festival tickets! / Summer Holiday / Deposit). And put how much I want to save and by when. Just from a psychology point of view we know that stating your intention ‘out loud’ helps you to stick to it. Also, that would allow the algorithms to be more helpful, by being focused on helping the customer get to their specified goal - which are massively different from one user to the next.

But that’s just me - any ideas for what features would help you save? And what you think you’d actually be using Autosavings for?


Just had a bizare convesation with Tandem customer service.

I had a letter asking for my documents despite the fact I sent pictures as soon as I had set it up.

Aparently they send this letter automatically even if you have submitted documents?

Surely there is a way to save the paper (AND COST) by sending an email first then a letter if no response in 5 working days for example

(Daniel James) #256

Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve asked the card team about it and they’re aware it’s an issue, (it’s to do with tracking a particular moment in the application process) but it’s something that will be resolved over the next 6 weeks as we bring the application process in-house.

(lewis oconnor) #257

@DanTandem any new products in the pipeline for 2019?

(Dan Baker) #258

@DanTandem Has Tandem considered offering more cash back for high annual spend.

American Express, probably the biggest Cash back offer-er in the credit card space, offers 0.5% on up to 5k annual spend and 1% for anything more.

If Tandem could do this, even for a slightly higher spend, I would give up my American Express and move to using Tandem for all my purchases.

I’d like a 3, 6, 9 and 18 Months Fixed Saver account. Your 1, 2 and 3 yr have very competitive interest rates, so would definitely be interested in a more customisable fixed window.

(Daniel James) #260

Here’s a quick look behind the scenes at planning week, so you can see a few Tandem faces and find out what people here are looking forward to in 2019.

These are the main priorities, which I expect us to do in roughly this order:
Paperless statements
Digital KYC (improving the on-boarding experience, reducing the rejection rate for cards, moving to soft search)
Big Office Move!
Integration with Emma and other money management apps
p2p payments
Adding compatibility with Monzo and other challenger banks
Google Pay / Apple Pay

Yes - this would be great. Particularly if we can let you reach a certain target in your instant access savings account and transfer that with a click into a 3, 6, 9 month fixed term with a decent rate.

(Dan Baker) #261

Very insightful, thank you.

Any launch windows for any of these? or just ‘as soon as they’re ready’

(Daniel James) #262

Autosavings up to Big office move we want to do first quarter… after that is subject to change.


Had a Tandem card and was using it happily for around a year, always paying off the balance in full every month.
Last week, I was away abroad and had some suspicious purchases. I noticed, as Tandem sends a 2FA code to your phone and I had received three overnight. I called to ask about them from my hotel - it was Amazon and Netflix purchases online. I said ‘let me just check - I will call back’
I asked my g/f if she had perhaps used my card or account, just in case - and checked our amazon account using my laptop (no purchases recently) so, I realised it was fraudulent. When I called back I was asked lots of security questions, including ‘tell me what were your last purchases on this card?’ I couldn’t remember as I had just cleared it all and was leaving it alone before this trip away. I wasn’t sure of what I had spent on the card last as I usually use my debit cards and I just didn’t know (does anyone remember their last purchases on each card?). I was told pretty abruptly that I had failed security and my card was now stopped.
I tried to call again and was told I had failed security so I must wait to be contacted by the security team.
A week later, nothing doing, but I had an Amazon delivery of a PS4 video game I had not ordered. I haven’t even got a PS4 and I figured somehow or other it was to do with the card being ‘kited’.
So - having heard nothing since the kerfuffle while I was away, I called again. Once again I was asked normal security stuff OK and then passed on to someone else to deal with it.
I was then told I needed to answer further multiple choice security questions.
The first was a list of address, I had to choose the one I had lived at. I heard one I had lived at over 20 years ago. OK, fine.
Next question was when I last took out a mortgage. I had a top up for an extension less than a year ago - but the option ‘under a year ago’ was not offered. I said ‘your information is wrong’ and got no help. I quoted the date of my earlier mortgage.
Next question: When did you last get a mobile phone contract in your name? I said, I have a phone in my name, but it is paid by my company - does that count? I was told ‘we cannot tell you anything, you must answer the question’. I don’t know if I got it right.
Next question: ‘When did you last open a personal bank account’. I have an overseas account I opened up four years ago (probably not what they meant), an account in my name in a SIPP pension that was opened in the past few weeks (in my name at metro bank, but technically opened by my SIPP provider), a dollar account I opened with HSBC around a year ago - as an ‘additional currency account linked to my existing personal account’ and two more, with Co-op and NatWest, which I had to open when I moved business accounts from one bank to another for perfectly normal reasons. I asked if the dollar account counted, and if a SIPP pension account was counted as a ‘personal bank account’ - but I was not allowed to ask, I had to just answer (‘in last year/ one to three years ago/more than three years ago’ etc.)
I just could not answer while I was on the phone. I had to guess.
The last question: ‘when did you last apply for a credit card?’ I said ’I only have one, it is my tandem card with you’ but I could not say if it was ‘more than a year ago’ or ‘less than a year ago’ when I applied with any certainty (while on the phone). Again I guessed.
So - (surprise, surprise) I was told I had failed security again and I was not allowed to ask anything else. I was told I would not be contacted and that the only way to get access would be to send a copy of my passport in and go through the security process again. I was totally frustrated - as I was just trying to sort it out and perhaps sort out the fraudulent use. I have been told I cannot call again to discuss anything before I send my passport scan in and my card is already stopped anyway. The questions were actually impossible to be sure of, it was inevitable I guess.
Since I am sure I had cleared my card before I left, and it was now blocked I figured ‘ **** this!’ and cancelled my direct debit and threw the card away, cut into pieces.
Now - I am wondering if they can chalk me up as a defaulter - I have a good credit record, no overdrafts and apart from my mortgage(s)? have NO debts at all. Plus a shrink wrapped PS4 game I never ordered, presumably from a credit card I had not used as it was purchased while I was asleep overseas.
I am happy to talk it over, but there is only stolen money at stake - about £60, from what they said - so why can I not talk this over, since I cannot cause any harm by talking it through - and I can clear ‘reasonable’ security. I am using the phone they send me messages on, they could write to my registered address and ask me reasonable questions easily enough - I have never failed security anywhere before. How do I get out of this Kafkaesque situation? Aaaagh! It all seems ludicrous. The card was handy - but this lot are a pain. Any ideas on here?

(Dan Mullen) #264

Sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve had, it does sound frustrating. That said, cancelling the DD and cutting the card up was the wrong course of action IMHO. You’ll be marked in your credit file as missing a payment, that will become multiple payments and eventually it’ll lead to a CCJ.

I know the security questions seemed over the top but I’ve had similar when dealing with other companies. You should reach out to them in whatever way you can. Don’t they have representatives on this forum?

(Sendu Bala) #265

Do you not have their app on your phone? Does sound like a pretty terrible experience though. Sorry you’re going through it. They are extremely old-school in terms of their processes. I will be cancelling my card as soon as one of the other “real” fintechs offers a credit card.


You may be right - but the lack of giving me any way of discussing issues means I cannot do anything. I want them to HAVE to get in touch with me, so I can sort it out. Surely they need to write, or something?


Thanks, but I have liked banking on the phone and judging by the iffy reviews of their app, it would not have helped. It’s academic now, in any case.