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(Daniel James) #227

Hi @Danny. I’ve asked the iOS team leader and he says this issue has been on the list for a little while, but it keeps dropping out of the sprint as they’ve been working hard on the new autosavings feature and have to prioritise. However, he agrees that it is annoying and has just increased the priority level on it. So thanks for the nudge.

(Daniel James) #228

Thanks @Peter_G . Good point. I’m afraid I’m just not as witty as I could be on a Monday :slight_smile:


I have a genuine question! Is a current account still in your future?

(Daniel James) #230

Hi @grant.macgregor . Yes, for our instant savings account we will have it done by April 2019. For our card accounts, it will be by September 2019.

(Daniel James) #231

It’s something that we might look at in the future, but no precise plans at the moment.
In the meantime, customers will be able to use our instant access savings account combined with our cards - save and spend - with easy transfer between them.

(Daniel James) #232

Yes. Before September 2019 according to our Head of Product. Hopefully a few months earlier.

(Dan Baker) #233

Any plans for Starling support as well?

(Daniel James) #234

I’ll ask the app guys to look at it and see if it’s a known issue. Can you DM me your name and phone number associated with the account at facebook.com/tandemmoney? Thanks.

(Daniel James) #235

@caspload Starling will be added on the same timeline as Monzo.

(Thomas Horne) #236

Have done, thanks. :grinning:

(lewis oconnor) #237

I’ve asked this previous and was told it could be in the next 18 months but was advised scales do change, I for one think Tandem should do current accounts! :blush:


It was Tandem that originally seemed to have the most viable fintech current account. Starling had gone into deep hibernation, Monzo was a concept but Tandem seemed well ahead in its planning and execution.

Funny, isn’t it?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #239

Yeah but I went to some of those Co–founder breakfasts. Yes there were a lot of croissants being served and Post–Its flying about, but when a limp, buggy account aggregator that I didn’t want arrived, followed up by a credit card I hadn’t been promised at the sessions, it all fell rather flat.

And don’t get me started on the awful tone of the early communications. Seemingly run by a girl whose sole qualification was that she liked fucking about on a Facebook all day, it never gave the impression of even trying to be a serious player.

But, yeah, early on Tandem was leading the pack. What a fall from grace.


I never went to the co-founder stuff, even though I think I technically am one. Glad I dodged that bullet!

I think I read somewhere that it was a funding issue that caused the heavy pivot to aggregation (and a layoff of loads of staff) but I could be wrong.


Hi @DanTandem, as a “co-founder” nearly 4 years ago I’m still waiting for my 1 Tandem share. Will I ever receive it?



I’m a co-founder too, but I’m still waiting for tandem customer services to get back to me on allowing me to log back into the app after they messed up changing my phone number… after about 7 weeks.

The card is no longer in my wallet.

(Daniel James) #243

Hi Rarther - Yes you will. Sorry about the delay. I’ve passed your message on to get the latest news on this for you.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #244

Yes the original vision was to use your data to save you money on bills by making proactive suggestions on services in–app.

Tandem lost a large cash injection when the Chinese government changed the rules on foreign investment and the Chinese owner of House of Fraser pulled out of funding. However in hindsight this was definitely a bullet dodged, because HoF went on to go bust spectacularly, which might have meant the end for Tandem had it been closer integrated.

But the company had to reshape and the offering became very watered down. Personally, I don’t see how Tandem can claim to be a challenger bank whilst it just offers a credit card and savings account, as we’re used to getting those services on top of the vice–like grip the high street banks have on banking – both those services are high–churn already and don’t challenge the legacy banks’ position. In my view the current account market (personal and small business) needs challenging to wrest any sort of control away from the High Street.

(lewis oconnor) #245

also interested in this

(S Lee) #246

I’m still using it, and looking forward to ApplePay!