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I thought they had scrapped live chat? Or is it available on weekday office hours and then all trace of it’s existence removed at other times, like Godaddy?

(Ghost) #208

Took 4 weeks to answer a simple q re my credit card.

Awful CS, we mock Revolut but Tandem is another level.


It’s a peculiar mix - they are basically incompetent but extremely polite.

(Grant MacGregor) #210

If my question was a simple query… god help me if there is a major issue with my account.

(Grant MacGregor) #211

Update/heads up to all Tandem users:


What are those emoji for?!

(Grant MacGregor) #213

I presume to give feedback on the message. I’m disappointed that they’ve not given me the option to respond with :poop:.


Punch them, bored of them, disappointed with them? No positive options?!


I make a £1k transaction overseas each month so signed up to take advantage of the cash-back.

Nothing but trouble using the app last night and the same again today. Hope it’s worth this hassle.

(Hugh Wells) #216

Recently, I contacted Tandem to ask them to stop sending me paper statements (I just shred them so it’s a waste of paper).

Apparently, they are building a feature to email statements each month but they are required (as per the Consumer Credit Act 1974, paragraph 4) to send me some kind of statement regulaly and at the moment it has to be paper! :grimacing:

So there does seem to be a reason for all the paperwork!


You would think they could solve that by sending a mobile notification when the new statement is ready to view in the app’s “Statements” section.

Talking about statements, I don’t like the way they always send a separate “Making Payments” page with all their statements, they could print this on the back of another page or stop sending it after the first statement.


Was going to apply for a card, but their application said I had to phone to update my address.

The person on the phone said I had to email in proof of new address and they would get it updated.

Having done that, I received a reply saying that the documents I had sent in were different from my current (old) address, obviously!

Decided not to pursue the application.


Lol! Typical tandem


Typical legacy.

(Daniel James) #221

Hi everyone.
I’m Dan & I work at Tandem. If you have any questions you can ask here and I’ll pop in from time to time. Otherwise, for a quicker response DM me at facebook.com/tandemmoney and I’ll get you an answer as soon as possible. Already seen that there are quite a few good & specific feature suggestions hidden in this thread.

Just to answer a few things that have already come up -

  1. View statements in-app - when you save the pdf, on iOS the statement should be named with the month etc. (The comment from a little way back must be from an android user - we’ll update that at the first opportunity - thanks for pointing it out).
  2. Paperless - yes, we want to go paperless. We’re just working with the regulators as it says in one of the comments above.
  3. Customer service - we’re aware that we have a long way to go on improving CS, particularly response times. We’ve been hiring to increase the size of the team and increasing the hours we cover so we’re now 8am-8pm every day (and 24/7 on the phone for card emergencies). We do have a comprehensive and easily searchable FAQs for any general questions that don’t require specific account access: https://intercom.help/tandembank - please use that to try to resolve your own queries as a first step.
  4. Chat gets turned off outside of office hours at the moment to help set expectations. We will be lengthening the supported hours of chat early in 2019, but we’re currently working out how to do it best.
  5. All of the KYC systems - which affect new applications - will be brought in house over the coming 6 months, which should drastically improve customer experience when it comes to sending ID Docs and things like that.
  6. The weird emojis are designed to segment customers into those who take life very seriously and those who have a quirky sense of humour. We’ll be rolling out combination of witty and sarcastic notifications to those that press the ‘zzz’ emoji or the frog emoji in the coming months. This may or may not be true.
  7. Monzo. I wish we supported Monzo as I like using Monzo myself. Lots of us use Monzo. We even have some Mondo card holders in the office.
  8. Likewise Emma.
  9. Likewise Google Pay/Apple Pay.
  10. We’ll get there. Just takes time :wink:


I only have one question: why isn’t your username TanDan? :wink:

(Welcome, btw!)

(Thomas Horne) #223

Welcome @DanTandem I just signed up to Tandem a week or so ago and so far it’s going great.

Only slight issue is that I’ve linked my legacy bank account and so far the app hasn’t noticed my Virgin Media bill or any of my continuous payments… (ie… GiffGaff) I’m essentially told I have no bills… I wish. :rofl:

(Grant MacGregor) #224

Welcome @DanTandem

Are there any plans to make a Public API available to money management apps?


Any plans for this in the near future then? :eyes:

(Herp Derp) #226

Hi @DanTandem why does the app not have badge notifications on iOS, it is so annoying hearing something then having to search for the notification.