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(David Allardice) #186

Sadly Horizon from MBNA is still invite-only. When MBNA closed my airline card they only offered me a no-frills card with no spending rewards and standard 3% FX fees - it’s a mystery how they decided who to offer the Horizon card to but given that I’d never paid a penny in interest I can guess they weren’t very excited about keeping me as a customer. I’d have signed up for Horizon if they’d made it available.


I got the Horizon card and MBNA make very little money from me. They are great for balance transfer offers. Does mean I don’t use the card for spend though.

(Jake Tame) #188

I moved from Amex Gold to Tandem and for me its ok, I can track spend/expenses plus get cashback. Im abroad around 3 times a year so is perfect for me on the 0% fees. I’ve not had to call up so thats ok.

(Katrina) #189

They do have online statements now, they were introduced last month. However, unlike everyone else who does online statements, you can’t save them to cloud storage. You can email them to yourself and save them to cloud storage from the email, so a nuisance rather than a deal-breaker. Also, it has the name “Attachment 1.pdf” rather than something useful and descriptive like the date.


I don’t think it’s even invite-only. I think it was just offered to those who had their airline card terminated.

That is strange. I thought we all got one. Have you asked them?

No-one at MBNA could tell me what their forex markups were, so I just closed it in favour of Tandem. As you say, would only use abroad.

(David Allardice) #191

It may depend on which airline card you had. I had a BMI Diamond Club card, as did two of my friends. Two of us were transferred to a no-rewards card with standard FX fees, and the other was transferred to Horizon. I called to ask if I could have a better deal than the bare-bones card I was offered, and was told no, if I wanted to stay with MBNA then I could only do so with the rubbish card I was offered.

Who knows how the MBNA marketing strategy works?


I had the virgin pair and the united pair, both were turned in to Horizon. I asked them to merge them and they did, combining the credit limits. I could buy a house in the north with it now!

The forex loading on horizon is 0%, with 0.5% cashback.

(Grant MacGregor) #193

Been using Tandem for a few months now and have no complaints.

Only thing I wish was updated sooner was the API integration into Emma. Are there any Tandem staff on our forum?


Oops - probably should have kept it over Tandem then. Still, at least tandem has instant notifications.


They managed to lock me out of the app when they updated my phone number. Promised to fix it and get back to me. That was three weeks ago.

Too much hassle to sort it, I’m using other cards now.


Their service is the worst in the world. Incredible that the guys at Harrods bank appear to have taught them nothing.



(Grant MacGregor) #198

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Yawn, Tandem.

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(Andy) #202

A first look at auto saving, a weekly automatic deduction into a 0.5% into a savings account. There are instant withdrawals and a maximum of £500 manual input a month.


into a 0.5% […] savings account

If that’s actually 0.5% and not a typo then it’s really bad. I can do instant payments to my Marcus savings account which will give me 1.5% and they offer instant withdrawals too.

(Andy) #204

I think the key here is convenience, its automatic. Its more than Plum offer!

However I think this is just a proof of concept, its limited to 100 people right now! Hopefully that rate will go up before it goes live but if not, its a useful addition to Tandem members although I don’t think its enough to get people to switch to Tandem.

(Grant MacGregor) #205

4 hours and they still haven’t responded to my live chat.

(Herp Derp) #206

They tooks days to get back to me and even then it was painful