Tandem Bank chat

Was just about to move some of my savings to Tandem but given this reduction and I now seem to have access to multiple instant access pots, It’s not worth the effort for the extra I’d receive.

Clearly bonus rate is variable then as mine only renewed last week for 12 months, yet rate will drop.

Was wrong, the savings UI had changed so I thought I could open more instant access pots but I can’t. So have moved some because it’s same day transfers vs Shawbrook in Monzo which is next day.

They don’t do an ISA, so I moved everything to Zopa.

Wonder if their issues are being caused by a mass exodus to ISAs🤔


Very happy now that I moved it all to Zopa.

Until they have an outage, of course :rofl:


Pet peeve. That is a valid UK number format.

If you make me type it in manually I’m more likely to make a mistake.

Change the 1 to 7 and it might :sweat_smile:

I dont think it is…

+44 1234 999999 would be valid
(01234) 9999999 would also be ok because it would work with or without the area code (assuming a local caller)
but +44 01234 9999999 would never work

And potentially any number beginning 01 is not considered a valid mobile number


Agreed. No it isn’t a valid number.

I had this argument with my client when they were rebranding though, and they basically told me to get lost and went ahead and put that format all over their letterhead anyway.

This is the relevant ITU document:

And I have just realised that the link above also refers to this in the body text :point_up_2:, sorry…


Dummy number, originally it copied my real number in.

Anything that asks for a UK number should recognise that format, strip the +44, brackets, and spaces.


I have an 01 number on a spare SIM.

The number needs to either have with +44 or 0. The iOS dialler will also reject a number in the format you’ve provided.

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Thought I’d give tandem a wee try.

Connected up to my Monzo account I deposited a small amount to see how it went.

  • Money left Monzo.
  • Got text from tandem saying money is on its way and will be credited within 2 hours.
  • Tandem app said transfer has failed.

Live chat reply. A little message on the app saying they are having issues would be nice.
Still a better experience than Wealthify mind you.

Just out of interest, what was your issue with Wealthify?

I have been having a problem with just opening an account. I am really not impressed, or filled with confidence, when an organisation offers a product without apparently having sufficient resources in place to meet the demand.

I tried opening an account a couple of years ago when they had an offer through MSE. Were totally incompetent imo, so left it.

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They kept marking my withdrawals for manual review, and they dont do manual reviews after 5.30pm. Had to wait till the next working day then longer after approved. Didn’t feel like instant access.

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Thanks for your vital feedback. I applied for an instant access account on Tuesday morning and still nothing. A couple of follow up attempts were met with bland excuses. Sounds like transaction processing is just as bad.

Suffice to say, I will not be taking the offer up if and when they ever get back to me.

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