Tandem Bank chat

What! 6 years 🫨

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Right?! :exploding_head: At least they’re upfront about it…? :sweat_smile:

Any fixed saver users here?

Haven’t checked but I heard they had reduced their fixed rates. I still have an instant access presence, and do periodically transact on it.

Yes it’s gone down to 5.25% and a max of three years (they brought in and removed the 5 year option in a matter of months). Still good but not competing with the leaders now. As a returning customer they let me lock in some funds at 5.65% over 5 years and I have some at 5.85% over 2/3.

I wish they had better interest options (such as compounding or monthly) as annual paid out seems the worst of both worlds, apart from in terms of simplicity of the original capital value perhaps. I also wish they showed the accounts linked to each fixed saver in the app, as with my habits I could easily forget which one I used!