Tandem Bank chat

Or just putting the rate up because… Rates have gone up :sweat_smile:


Flipping with Monzo would put my rates up :rofl:

Instant Access is 1.25%

Another increase email sat in my inbox


Tandem Instant Saver rate increased to 1.65% today.

Interesting to see that along with Monzo and Starling, Tandem are moving into Cardiff with a sizeable investment!
Great for the local economy and jobs market.


Tandem are putting the rate up again, they’ve also finished a redesign of the app, which has gone very green.

Tandem now just looks identical to Tred. Pointless, both.



Tandem Instant Saver rate appears to have increased to 3.50% today, from looking at the app.

(Includes 0.20% bonus)**

**Actually the underlying/top up split appears to have changed, so that the underlying is 3.15% and the top up is 0.35%.

Just as I was about to say that I had not had an official notification yet, it has just arrived as I was typing.

Not entirely sure what the top up criterion is, but in my particular case it states that it is valid until 19th January 2024.

How’s the tandem app? How’s their customer service? I might move from Chip

Basic but fine. Ditto for customer service. Also you can nominate more than one account for transfer/movement purposes, which is pretty quick, and notifiable.

I used to be at Chip some time ago, but never felt entirely confident there. Somehow, always promising the earth but never quite delivering.

I’m happy with Chip and not prepared to move for only £20 per year.

How were Chip not delivering?

I wouldn’t say I’m moving due to the extra interest but because I feel like customer service is slow and to have a huge sum of money in the account but no customer service is a bit worrisome

Chip have been pretty good for me on the couple of occasions I’ve been in touch.

May have changed in the interim, but Chip regularly promised new and better products and that big and exciting things were just around the corner, which never materialised. Just a confidence and gut feeling thing. Different strokes etc.

Similarly, I’m a Monzo crowdfunder, but I hated the Monzo customer experience, and shipped out except for £1.

When things go wrong is when you really find out the truth about customer service.

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That’s so true…

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Chip have something to respond to now!

Tandem Easy Access now 3.75%, Inc top up

And they did! 3.82% :fist_right::fist_left:

Edited: bloody phone :man_facepalming:

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