TalkBack/ VoiceOver Screen Readers

I’ve been playing around with using the built in TalkBack screen reader on Android and found a couple of bugs.

On the ‘Card’ and ‘Contacts’ tab the ‘+’ button for ‘Top up’ and ‘Send money’ read as ‘Button Unlabelled’, there is no indication as to what they do.

When you open the Navigation drawer nothing is announced (e.g. drawer open, press on right side to close’ - and so as there is no ‘close’ button it may be difficult to know where on a unseen screen to click to close the drawer.

The ‘Settings’, ‘Community forum’ in that list announce as ‘not-checked ‘Settings’, double click to activate’ etc, but they are not check boxes.

In ‘Settings’ the switches are not labelled to say what they are associated to.

I don’t know how other apps compare - but I do know that aside from the obvious legal and moral reason for fixing accessibility bugs when users that require accessibility tools find something that is good they tend never to leave, so you get users for life!

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for reporting these, I’ve let the Android team know! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Richard :slight_smile:

I don’t have enough experience to give more feedback than that, but I think the labels are pretty easy to fix.

Hi @RichardR

I’m now on the current account on Android. When on Payments the ‘+Contact’ image button reads from TalkBack as ‘unlabelled button’.

In ‘Bank Transfer’ when you are in the edit boxes it does not announce the name of what you are editing. (Unlike in send where when you focus on the ‘private message for recipient’ it reads that back).

In ‘Help’ you cannot use one finger swipe navigation to have the page move down to ‘I still need more help’, you must use two finger scroll or two finger swipe to see lower items. (Unlike in the transaction feed where one finger swipe will move down).

The 3 dot menu buttons on transaction items (for clearing transactions) are unlabelled buttons.


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