Tail - cashback app for Monzo users

Hey Lewis - We have a slightly different model compared to the regular cashback sites - we are not aiming to provide you with standard cashback rates off high street retailers, rather aiming to provide you with higher percentages (20%+) on specific segments (starting with food & drink - stay tuned for more). We also think there’s a lot more potential here in tailoring offers to you as a customer versus the ‘classic’ sites.

One of the main reasons I don’t use Taste Card anymore is it’s a bit of a hassle. You have to first find the offers, then check it’s valid, work out exactly what the deal is and make sure you let the restaurant know.

How will you take out the friction?


Yeah, we hear you, Tail has none of this. We are location-based, so we continuously show you your closest offers. All of them are card-linked, so all you have to do is use your card in-store and your cashback balance is automatically updated (there’s also no need to show any kind of voucher to the restaurant). Lastly - what you see on the offer is what you get, the percentage off is on total spend. None of the ‘main course only’ or ‘valid for one person only’ restrictions.


Ok, so much more in line with that of the 123- cashback account.

I’m looking forward to it!

Just a shame its so London Centric, so not much for those who live in the north


Well they could have started up in Orkneys or Shetlands but from a business perspective it makes sense to start in an area of dense population with a high concentration of retailers and once you have traction then spread elsewhere


The aim is to break out of London as soon as possible, we will eventually be UK wide


Definitely looks good. Not living in London I will wait until it moves outside


They’ve launched for starling and advised they’ll get a few monzo users on but it’s dependent on the current account - so my assumption is they won’t get any monzo users on until current accounts launch

Actually quite impressive!

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Hey Bruce, glad you like it!

Did I sign up for this?? :thinking:

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If you have not yet, here’s a link to our waiting list: https://tail.at/

I got an E-Mail from you guys ages ago telling me about Starling… probably did lol

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I’ve started using Tail this week, cool idea, nearest offers are all a few miles away from me though (Canary Wharf) so not had much chance to try any yet!

@Harley the app has also stopped working for me today… The splash page loads with the ‘Getting Offers’ message but then I get a pop up saying ‘Error loading data - The data received from the server was nil’. Is this because it’s location based and I’m not in London today?

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Hey Tommy, glad you like the idea, we are working on expanding our offers into more areas so keep an eye out!

Sorry about the error, if you email me (harley@tail.at) I should be able to resolve the issue.

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Just waiting for it to be workable on the Monzo current account! :smiley:


Then how does it work?

How does the retailer know that I’m intending to (or even that I’m oblivious to, but Tail has realised I can) claim an offer in order to pay Tail?

There’s very little information available on your website.


Hey Oliver,

Tail uses Monzo’s Open Banking API to identify transactions from our partner stores.

When you go to redeem an offer displayed in our app we are sent the amount spent via Monzo’s API. We apply the discount to the full transaction amount. We then deduct the redeemed amount from a balance the retailer has set up with us.


The beauty of it is that the person serving you doesn’t need to know anything. You just load the app, link to your account and just spend.

It’s similar to other bank’s offers when you load them to your account (except much easier and simpler terms and conditions…)

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