Tail - cashback app for Monzo users

does anyone have the link to the Tail community forum
I had it now cant find it anywhere

@Harley any updates? Tail been quiet for quite some time

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There forum was shut a couple months ago… at least I think it has … tried to get on it / find it never worked.

Bit hate running a restaurant cash back business when restaurants are closed

I meant more so as in the last announcement i heard was maybe last september about adding cafe rouge’s group.

Thats a long time

Hey Lewis, the Tail Beta community was for the relaunch of the app, we closed down the forum soon after we launched the rebranded app.

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Hey Nathan, no additional national chains have been launched on the platform. We are still nationwide with Bella Italia and Cafe Rouge, however for the time being all of our partners are closed due to Covid-19.

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