This is probably the most pointless update. You’re spending time on what no one wants as I don’t remember anyone asking for tags…

If I spent £50 at Tesco on a console games, £30 on Groceries and £20 on homeware, and tagged this as #Entertainment #Groceries and #Homeware, the tags will show I have spent £100 each on entertainment, groceries and homeware, without a way to split the transaction. This analysis is just completely pointless and add absolutely zero value.

I can see it being useful for things like #Pets as described on the blog post, but this essentially what categories and notes are for or am I missing something here?

People want apple pay, new categories (emma/yolt like), a redesigned spending page and update to pots.

(Peter Roberts) #143

I remember at least one person asking for tags :slightly_smiling_face:

(Tom Thorpe ) #144

Wouldn’t a simple solution be to be able to assign a value to the transaction #, possibly with a syntax like ‘30#Groceries 20#Homeware’ as per your example. and when the # is searched, use the given value instead of the full transaction?

Wouldn’t affect the main transactions feed, but would limit multiple #s of the same name being on a transaction.

(Jake Tame) #145

@BethS … Not sure if your the right person to tag or if I missed this suggestion…

  • It would be good to have a recently or most used tags for faster assignment of tags to transactions


One useful feature would be a menu option to “Change Tags to Categories” to create your own categories :wink:

(Abbi) #147

That’s underlying everything I do, always. I prefer Monzo to Starling but it’s getting harder to keep the faith when my Starling card has been on Apple Pay from the start.


This new feature looks great, but… can you allow tags (and notes) to be attached to all transactions, not just the ones where I use the Monzo card? I pay quite a few bills using the app (send via bank transfer) and those transactions don’t give the option to add notes or tags. This rather limits how useful the feature is to me.

(Laurent) #149

Thank you for this feature. I find it is great and I appreciate a lot that you have directly added it to the API in reading AND writing :+1:

However, I think that all transactions should be tagable including bank transfers, direct debits, etc. Can you please solve this?

Thank you!


I’ve noticed an issue with the tags, they are case sensitive. I have been tagging my mountain bike rides spending (parking tickets, snacks etc) with the #mtb, however I noticed that my phone capitalised one of them to #Mtb, and that doesn’t appear in the search for other #mtb tags. Surely the search function should bypass upper and lower case?

(Shaun Coley) #151

Nope, this doesn’t cut it. :neutral_face: Monzo needs custom categories.

(Alex Sherwood) #152

Just a heads up - we’ve discussed why Monzo hasn’t given us custom categories & the alternatives earlier in the thread.


I’ve read that and I think many others have read it and at least I disagree with the argument.

If I can’t have categories that I want, I re-purpose other categories for the job, so the ‘aggregation’ has poisoned data. I’m sure I’m not alone in this.

And to be honest, I couldn’t give a monkey’s what other people are spending in the categories.

I think it’s time monzo listened to the requests and complaints around this.

(Alex Sherwood) #154

They are, hence tags :wink:

If you disagree with the points that’ve been raised already, it’s much better to reply to those & say why, otherwise we’ll just end up going round in circles here :grimacing:


I have just done so - I’m sure monzo staff are capable of building a cogent picture of what people want by reading multiple threads.

(Alex Sherwood) #156

Yes & your comments have been made by other users already so you haven’t really added any new ideas to the debate / idea generation at all.

(Shaun Coley) #157

Yes, saw that - but it’s not a very satisfying answer. I care more about being able to categorise my transactions in a way that is meaningful to me than being able to compare my spending against other “people like me”.

Monzo’s great - I think (hope?) they’ll eventually come around! :crossed_fingers:t3:


I’ve added to the weight of those ideas.

(Alex Sherwood) #159

I’d recommend using likes for that - they’re much easier to total up.


I do, but sometimes I prefer to express my opinion instead.


As others have already said this is not even a entirely new feature. Notes could already be searched and work exactly the same way.

I am also not adding any new ideas to the debate but for me the purpose of this community is to add your voice and everyone should be free to do that.