That’s because it is :rofl:

(Rachel Jobes) #123

Any chance we can add tags to payments we make to others and payments we receive from others?

(Rachel Jobes) #124

In the future couldn’t you get the spending page to toggle between categories and tags? Especially within each month

(Jennifer) #125

Is there going to be a full workaround :slight_smile: in future???

(Jonathon) #126

Great addition I think.

It would be ideal to be able to split one transaction up. I got my lunch and some household goods from the Coop today. I’d like to get a meaningful look at how much I spend on lunch per month.

On that front, it would be good to be able to search hash tags with date functionality ie. How much did I spend last month on lunches.


Android should add it up for you at the bottom of the screen?

(Bradley) #128

Great if I want to find out how much I’ve spent on coffee over the last year, but what about over the last month? Or the month before that?

(Is Santa here yet?) #129

Same as always. Search button, type the tag in and then from the bottom select calendar icon


I’ll check to see what we’re doing about that :+1: I’ve never tried to do that tbh

(Bradley) #131


That’s clearly iOS and not Android.

(Is Santa here yet?) #132

Yeah but should be same procedure as you had on Android before as it’s same procedure on iOS

(Bradley) #133

Search filtering is an iOS only feature.

(Is Santa here yet?) #134

Sorry though that was in last update


We don’t have that on Android, I’ve asked our Product team about it :cry:


Cheers! This is awesome, yet not so obvious. I just had a play around with all these search filters & it’s great.

Monzo could do a better job providing “pro-tips” to maximise in-app functionality like when you install a new app & you have to check ‘Yes’ when you’ve acknowledged a hint/tip.

(Bradley) #137

I can’t seem to see this on the Trello roadmap. Do Monzo plan to bring this to Android? I think it’s quite a powerful feature that we droid users are missing out on.

(Is Santa here yet?) #138

I probably wouldn’t read it. I’m a great believer in ‘oooh what does this button do’

And that’s why they’ll never give me the nuclear button


Totally agree with you Bradley, now I know it exists I want it. I’ll badger the team!

(Is Santa here yet?) #140



(I actually love listening to this on a loop…)