I’m sadly not seeing the value in this if the tags aren’t detailed in my Spending insights.

(Matt Blandford) #103

I think there are two issues really.

  1. Additional categories. Appreciate that you cant necessarily tag items to custom categories as I’m assuming that you are using merchant categories from the card processing system to assign categories so agree that that to have them originally coming in from your categorisation is probably the best way, but it would be nice to be able to re-categorise them into what I want ie you control base or initial category i control where i want them

  2. Ability to tag a category for DD and SO’s. I’m sick if recategorising them each month - ive actually given up - i should be able to categorise them in the DD / SO screen and you keep that.


Strange, it doesn’t seem to for me (Android user). Any text in the notes field preceded with the # symbol is treated as a tag…

(Edit - see my note below, I’m not sure what you’re hoping for the desired outcome to be)


I’m confused. Are you asking for an advanced search where you specify you’re looking for either of / both of the tags?

(Craig A Rodway) #106

I think it’s perhaps just the jumble of categories and the bold colours that make it look complex, but it’s not that bad. View transaction list, tap the category to view the list, select an existing one or add a new one, then done.

I’m sure the talented designers at Monzo could do a much better job visually and provide an overall better experience :slight_smile:

(Kenny Grant) #107

It is honestly far more functional than categories in Monzo right now.

I agree it’s uglier, but it’s not really confusing to use at all, because you get to choose the categories and hide those you don’t use. The simplistic auto-classification also works surprisingly well.

Completely understand why you don’t want to just jump in and give users control because that decision is forever, but it is important the classification works for users as well as Monzo.

(Terry) #108

Down the line I would love to see machine learning auto tag my transactions, ie if Monzo detects that between 11AM - 1PM Monday to Friday I always visit Tescos and spend about £3.50 and Ive tagged these transactions as #Lunch a number of times before then it would learn that if I visit there in the future between these times and spend around the same amount then to automatically tag #lunch…now that would be cool :sunglasses:, not sure how feasible it would be :slight_smile:


It’s always a balance between making things simple and giving people granular control over stuff, but I like this idea.

As an interim step, I wonder if advanced rules functionality - a generic “if this then that” sort of thing - could help?

Rubbish example:

IF merchant contains “Tesco” AND time IS BETWEEN 1130 & 1300 THEN add string " #lunch" to a Notes

(With a nice interface, of course)

Actually - and this idea excites me - is there market for a Monzo dedicated advanced rules app? So setting up rules etc isn’t done in the Monzo app but in a (third party?) one, hooked in via an advanced version of the API?


It makes sense that people might want to tag a single transaction with more than one tag. So I’m asking for tag order to not matter when you’re searching for tags. Currently you’d have to always put your tags in the same order for them to turn up in a search.

For example, if you had pizza for lunch you might want to tag it as “#pizza #lunch”. The way the search works currently means if you search for “#lunch #pizza” the transaction wouldn’t show up.

(Oli) #111

Come on guys, this is clearly the first iteration of the tagging functionality. Like a lot of people, I’ve been waiting patiently for some kind of custom categorisation, and whilst this hasn’t quite hit the nail on the head just yet, I’m pretty hopeful that it will evolve into a pretty nice solution in the coming releases. Give it time.


Sorry, yes, understand now.

You’re right, that doesn’t work…

(Adam Horner) #113

Any news on when we will get Notes (and therefore #tags) for direct debit and transfer payments? Currently most of my transactions are Bills which makes the categories next to useless for me, I really want to tag transfers in (#salary) and direct debits out (#energy, #rent, #council-tax etc) to better understand how much month I will have left at the end of the money (#overdraft!).

(Alex) #114

Literally replying to just reiterate this. Notes and tags need to be on transfers.

(Vojtech Vrbka) #115

I think most people don’t realise, that there is actually very little of added functionality.
You could always add tags in notes and search the tags.

The real issue that was not addressed are categories. There are just not enough categories and I think that anybody who uses Monzo as a main current account agrees with me.

(Bradley) #116

I’ve not read through the whole feed, and I imagine this has been mentioned a number of times, but the blog post is inaccurate.

“To help you sort through, search and better organise your spending, we’ve added the ability to add tags to your transactions!”

We could already do this, in fact I did this ages ago, but chose not to continue because of the manual effort involved. The only change is the ability to click a hyperlink, which saves me, at most, the couple of seconds it would take to type the hashtag into the search bar.

(Bradley) #117

What is really annoying, is the discrepancy between Android and iOS still. If I wanted to find out how much I’ve spent on #Coffee over the last month, I have to manually tag everything, search the hashtag and then manually add up the costs over the desired period.

At least on iOS you can filter the search to save having to add up manually. When will this be coming to Android?

(Michael) #118

Is that a fellow Android ‘P’ user I spy?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #119

You spy very correctly :wink:

Even got Google’s Product Sans font for everything :grin: #Magisk

(Noel Edmonds Beard Sculptor ) #120

(Jennifer) #121

I’d personally rather just have the ability to create categories of my choosing. This feels like an odd half-workaround… :wink: