Tagging items related to split bills

Hey everyone,

not sure if I am just being stupid and maybe this should be under help rather than ideas but… on iOS I can’t seem to add tags to items relating to split bills (ie requests others have sent me) whilst my pals on Android can. This would be really useful for totalling up expenditure for a recent holiday…

If I can in fact do this somehow, please let me know

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I get the same (also iOS) - not being able to add notes to bank transfers or bill slits is very annoying.

4 months later and this basic functionality is still not a feature! I honestly can’t believe it, Monzo are so good for literally everything but I cant add up the cost of a holiday without getting out a calculator as the tags dont include the money i was paid back for restaurant visits by others!

Please implement this soon… is there a way to get it onto a work in progress list?

This request already has a thread with quite a few votes. You can add your vote here:

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fantastic stuff, vote added!

I can’t help but think some of Monzo have been listening to forums/feedback less recently which is a shame… but still, it’s 10x better than its closest competitor

It looks like this might be changing thanks to the new voting system. Topics in the Feedback & Ideas with the most votes now get fed back to the Products teams: