Tag Payments Issue?


Why can’t we tag payments?

I’ve sent money to a family member who purchased a Christmas present for me.

I’m tagging all my Christmas spending to keep track of it all but I can’t tag this transaction.

So when I search for all Christmas transactions I need to make a mental note to add this transaction into the total :unamused:

(Jack) #2

If you’re doing a transferring via bank transfer (FPS) then it should have been added to the transaction reference before sending.
I agree though there should be a notes section on these transactions too

I thought I’d read somewhere that it was in the works, I’ll see if I can find out some more info.


Hopefully there will be separate notes and transaction references sections.

It would be helpful to see both.

(Bruce) #4

To me this is an absolute no brainer.


I have dogs, and I tag food orders, vet visits etc as #dogs … but my kennel requires a transfer… which I cannot tag… so my #dogs is rendered pointless

I have kids, and I tag clothes, Doctors etc as #kids … Nursery requires a transfer … which I cannot tag… so my #kids is rendered pointless