Tactical Smartwatch V4

Any idea about tactical smartwatch V4 from evofine? Is this count steps and whats the apps use for this smartwatch?

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If your going for a tactical smart watch the Garmin tactix is the only answer really. It details at around £600 which is a lot but it does everything you need from a tactical watch and more. They are really robust and will stand up to almost anything it’s £600 for a reason I suppose. If I could justify the spend is buy one tomorrow. A few mates have them and say they are awesome.

It boils down to what you want the watch for though. If it’s just for fitness tracking there are loads of good options out there, if it’s more GPS and mapping functions Garmin and sunnto are the top watches out there for the purpose Casio have a couple of options too.
For just counting steps I wouldn’t bother with a tactical watch though.

I have this one from Evofine, the smartwatch use apps called Sports+