Switching service (CASS) does not work

Switching service dose not work

OK thanks :+1:


It worked when I used it.


Worked fine for me.


What about it didn’t work? Everything worked for me apart from my salary as the agency ignored the automated email


If this is the amount of info COps receive on first contact from some customers, I feel sorry for them

Sadly the :monzo: :crystal_ball: isn’t a thing. Why can’t people be more descriptive with their problems? It makes things easier for both themselves and those trying to help


How big a dose did they give you?


Would you care to provide more info, in what way didn’t it work, what type of account were you switching? Which bank were you switching from?


Or are you switching energy suppliers?


Enlightening I rate this post 9 out 10


No it’s bank accounts I wanted to use the switch service for my direct debits

Anarchist Press ‘Help’ search ‘Contact us’ or email help@monzo.com
27 February

Or are you switching energy suppliers?

Is either of the accounts a joint account?

Cool. I hope you get it sorted.

Are you switching into Monzo or out of Monzo? Are you trying to switch between a personal and a joint account? What error does it give? A few more details would be nice

It’s normal whatever customer facing role you work in I’m afraid. In fact I even get it from colleagues in other departments as well.

So for websites it will be:

  1. Link doesn’t work
  2. Page doesn’t load
  3. I get an error
  4. Won’t let me proceed

It’s very rare that someone says "I was on page X, I did Y and received Z’ which is all I need to try and reproduce the error to then fix it.


Let’s not forget, a lot of folk are under educated both financially and technologically

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Good luck telling someone they’re under educated. You’d get your head bitten clean off :rofl:


Part of my day job, although we tend to go for financially excluded :grin:


You can’t switch only the direct debits. Monzo only supports full switch, with closing the old account.

And it is often the direct debit providers do not know how to process direct debits correctly. I.e. a switch of account caused one of my direct debit providers to generate 4x mail and in the end claim that I don’t have direct debit setup. And had to do it all again. Basically they didn’t process direct debit messages correctly. As they only support one mandate at a time, and when a message to cancel the old account came through, they cancelled the new account mandate.

Yes, this is true. I found that the only entities that honoured the switching service was other banks, so loans and credit card direct debits worked, but my phone, investment account etc needed me to update the details on the website manually, whilst leaving me with some dead direct debits on my new account. I had to pay some of my bills with a debit card for the first month after the switch. Not ideal, but I’ll be doing it myself in future.