Switching savings accounts that investments get paid in to

I am doing a full account switch from Barclays to Monzo but how do I also switch my savings account that my investments get paid into?

Has anyone here done a full switch including a savings account?

I can’t find any information about it.

Take it out of your savings, put it in your main account, CASS, open Monzo savings, move it over.

This is a question for Barclays, not Monzo.



I don’t think you can switch savings accounts, so it’ll probably have to be as above, a matter of transferring your savings manually over to your Monzo account.

It won’t be a redirect like switching a current account though, so any funds being automatically paid into your Barclay’s account won’t be moved over to Monzo unless you manually do it.

You’ll probably have to edit the account that your investments go into for future deposits.