Supporting People to Self-Exclude from Gambling


Can anyone spot what’s new on my app screenshot ?! It’s set and won’t be changing !!!


Can see Starling bank have now put in a switch with gambling block for merchants.

I am only a monzo customer, but I joined the forum there to give a bit of feedback into making sure this is done right (Hope I don’t look like Im swaying :wink: )

Was very open about my experience with Monzo around gambling

Hope it’s not feeding the competitor, just thought a topic like gambling is bigger impact than gaining new customers, and should be done in a way to help change a users experience for the better.


You’ll notice a lot here hang out there as well.
Apparently there’s is toggle off with no notice period. Would that be helpful to you or is it too easy to reverse?


That was why I joined to post, and share with them the logic behind a 48h block on the toggle being turned off. Also added in a few other points about the message from the chat support, just to make sure you have considered the change.

Im very surprised at the positive response from a lot of forum users there!



Positive response to your comments, the gambling block, or both?


From the users, and the product director.

I joined and put up a first post to give great detail into my personal experiences, did make sure I said that I was not doing it to score points, just to try and make sure that if Monzo & Starling are going to set the benchmark which other banks are very likely to cope, it needs to be done correctly. It will actually save lives a feature like this, not just cash.


big difference between designing a product for a target group and designing it with that target group. Hopefully they’ll take your feedback on board

(Dave) #110

I think it is really important for experiences like yours to be heard, and I was pleased to see the positive responses you got on the Starling forum. I was impressed that you said (with your permission) Monzo support reaches out to you to check you are OK, and that it helps you “stay on the right track”.

Knowing that a bank I have invested time in moving some of my finances to is looking after people with features like this means a lot to me, and clearly it means much more to you. It’s good to read personal experiences of how Monzo are helping people, and it means I can be confident that as Monzo grows it will help more people have a healthier relationship with their finances, and maybe even save lives as you say.


A little bit confused with who came first. Monzo or Starling, they say they did, but I give the first title to monzo.

Just glad both of the leading app banks are setting the marks at last!

(Jack) #112

I think it’s fairly obvious it was Monzo, especially since they mentioned you in that comment and you said in a previous post that you it with Monzo. But that’s not important, the important part is they are working towards it :smiley:


Technically they don’t say they were first, but first ‘…to all customers’, implying someone else was first but perhaps only to some of their customers. All a bit odd! Dodgy marketeer-speak I think :wink:

Personally, I think Monzo was first.

(Eve) #114

I feel Monzo definitely came first since it was rolled out to some users and even discussed like a year before. But I’m glad they’re making steps towards helping customers who do suffer from gambling addiction. I just hope they take your comments under feedback since the toggle is too easy to bypass and a flimsy barrier, there should be some friction with messaging/ time involved.

Also think that if they wanted to claim it as “first” they should definitely have made a bigger deal out of it or promoted it a little more/ shared it with their forum to get users hyped up about it. I think people on Starling forums found out about the new feature through a random article or something and got really confused whether they meant Monzo or Starling since they didn’t hear about it at all. I get that Starling prefers not to share little updates of stuff they’re working on, but they could defo amp up talking about things that are ready for release.


Unfortunately, Britain’s favourite sport has to clean up their house. Their contribution to spreading the plague of gambling is undisputable :cry:

(Stuart Leitch) #116

This is a great idea… as someone who works with adults who are struggling with a gambling addiction I think the 48hr lapse before the block is lifted is a great idea… I also wonder if another option could be added - like nominating a “sponsor” to be contacted when you have indicated you want the block off. That would trigger some person support in the 48hr period when the urge to gamble is highest. Just a thought… it could be a voluntary addition and add another layer or protection.